Internet cafe management software reproduction of vulnerability-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Internet cafe management software is again exposed with the accounting loopholes, and this vulnerability than six months ago that the more concealed, by the operation, can achieve one hour of money for unlimited Internet access. Reported material said, in the stone floor of the bridge all the Internet cafes in this operation a full success, no one example is an Internet cafe found.

Currently, the city cafe is still unified with the one called“love grams,”the management software, it can access the person's name, ID number, access time and other information, in Internet cafe the administrator of the computer on the one reflect. In the first half, the software was revealed to have accounting loopholes, the report to the relevant departments to reflect, software vulnerabilities are quickly blocked.

Can city a middle school high school pony yesterday to call the newspaper said, before the discovery of the vulnerability is in the“Task Manager”in the fuss, this is in the PC“system configuration for the program”and“Task Manager”in simultaneous operation, so that the computer can also bypass the“love grams,”the monitor, enabling Unlimited Internet access.

The pony said, he and his companions on the stone floor of the bridge near all the cafe test all successful, yangjiaping test the 4 Internet cafes, of which there are two have against, the other two are oblivious to it.

By pony provides a method reporters yesterday in the school Tianwan and proud of the world negative on the first floor a total of 3 Internet cafes to do the test. A.m. 1 1 p.m., in the school Tianwan a cafe, the reporter paid a 1 $ 0 after the Deposit, according to the steps, the Internet is an hour and a half, the cross time-consuming boss still only by one hour billing. PostScript to 较场 mouth of the proud world negative on the first floor is an Internet cafe, again the test is successful.

There is an Internet cafe management indicated that the vulnerability more than a month ago There have been users in the cafe within the use and is found, although this vulnerability exists, but as long as the cafe to strengthen the technology management, often related to the forum stroll, similar vulnerabilities can be completely put an end to.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter sends the information to the municipal Public Security Bureau network supervision departments to reflect. The other said as soon as possible to investigate.