When Google mode to become the“SafeMod=off”-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Reporter 佚名
Modified 2007-03-26T00:00:00


Google search has been in control of the search state that limits the user's search scope, but Google specifically for the retention of a parameter~~~the“SafeMod” In fact when we search SafeMod=on safe mode is turned on if you are in SafeMod=off?

Haha something fun to.

We use the word do keywords---Fuck, but we don't use our Chinese version of Google to search, or TMD GFW off your network ~~so pay attention! PS: we Chinese government was to control the minds of the

OK~~I use the other country's search engines, look at the Fuck the two search difference: NO. 1 when SafeMod=on security mode is turned on, we find not“illegal information” PS: minor pass by.~~ http://images.google.ch/images?q ... p;btnG=Bilder-Suche

No. 2 when SafeMod=on security mode to the closed state when the note about the URL suffix of the search is $$%%#$%PS: so underage the best passing~~~ http://images.google.ch/images?q ... -Suche&safe=off

To provide an idea of the in other aspects of the information Search will certainly help~~~