The most easy to let ash dove through the Kappa file and the active Defense method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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  1. File Dove gray 2. 0 3 look at the Server. exe has been configured·is killed, the following to the file This simple come up with our “small pig TOOL”, just select one flower instructions, I'm here is to choose the last one, as the merits of the card Patong file! Simple. Tool download address:
  2. We try to take the card Bazaar of active Defense We do not deal with this dove gray, direct running, look at the card Pattaya what alert Alarm: 1C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\ 桌面 \Server.exe Alarm: 2C:\Program Files\Se\G.exe Alarm: 3C:\Program Files\Se\G.exe The alarm three times, ha ha! Well, we first put him in uninstall, it also didn't come slow Windows XP 5.1 (2 6 0 0. Service Pack 2) CHINANOG-07B358 1 5:1 2:0 6 Ver2. 03-0124 This is me, I'm coming, ha ha! Uninstall Let's let the Dove gray through active Defense. The first configuration is a good dove gray 2. 0 3 uploaded to your space inside which I locally build a web The Dove gray copy to the web directory inside! is dove gray service side Open the “Battle Royale series software click. edition of”the Dove gray of the address written on the build!~ So ok, haottt.exe run it will run our gray doves, We to run out, the card Pattaya is not any exception, there is no Prompt window bomb, or flash, But also not cards!~ But no longer intercept our dove gray, than to the outside through the card Pattaya the software are much better now! View fancy line, As you can see, on-line success, 8 8 8 8 8 8 8