Not afraid to forget the password Qiao broken NTFS under Win2000 password-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Maybe a lot of people made confusion, their own set or modify the password after that, but put their account password to forget. Today the author brings readers crack NTFS under Win2000 the password method.

The first step, the site to download NTFSDOS Professional software, download after installation, after installation perform the NTFSDOS Professional Boot Disk Wizard program, according to the wizard prompts in order to insert two floppy disks, in fact, can be used to is the first.

Second step, use the Win98 floppy or CD boot disk to start the machine into the DOS state, and then insert the ready-made NTFSDOS floppy disk first, the implementation of Ntfspro. exe file, it will start the automatic analysis of the current hard disk partition table, if there is a NTFS partition information, and then it will sequentially list each of the NTFS partition a drive letter if at this time the organic device of the alarm sound, please don't panic, because at this time may be in one of your NTFS partition root directory with the directory exists, in DOS, it may be considered illegal directory.

The third step, that is, clear the Win2000 users password. In the DOS state into the WinNT where the drive letter, usually C area. Into the%root%\system32\config directory%root%refers to WinNT, where the partition path, manually delete the SAM file, so that you can put Win2000 all user password removal.

The fourth step, only the heat to start the machine, the carriage return can normal into Win2000.