So it is to bypass the NTFS permissions limit-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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This machine is loaded with Windows 2 0 0 0, because the working relationship will be important information to put in the C:\studio\, the(C drive to NTFS format)and set the following permissions: Lostar(that's me) full control

The Everyone read-only

After one day, and found where the file being altered, startled, then days files with my memory have access. By the way, forgot to introduce my machine:

The machine in the Office, everyone any play, just like they are just Guests, that is, in the true sense of the users I'm the only one.

And this situation occurs, the description:The system is people completely control!

However, in the end what happened? All people are Guests Ah, even the User are not. Is it the use of what read and write NTFS hacking software, then I of those important information is not exposed to someone else's keyboard under?

Only to evil forces bow? HoHo, no door. I decided to fight to the end, even if it died heroically for.

In aimlessly checking, I found that D:\backup\sys\windows\turned out to hide another Windows 2 0 0 0, in determining not my backup after I fainted two times.

Look at this Windows 2 0 0 0, A can read and write NTFS hack software appear in my eyes.

I summed up a stupid but very useful method to breakthrough NTFS read and write permissions, but there are 3 premise:the physical contact of the host, reserves the right to boot modify the CMOS, the hard disk is large enough.

Method is very despicable, vile be scared:with Windows 2 0 0 0 CD to start the reinstall a Windows 2 0 0 0 to the hidden directory, the in new Windows 2 0 0 0 in change the administrator name with the old Windows 2 0 0 0 the same, the password is of course your own set. Then you'll be able to disable the file whatever they want.

Modified those files, came to the“system properties”(i.e.“my computer”->Properties), select the“startup and recovery(S)...”->“defaultoperating system”for the second Windows 2 0 0 0(Start will have two of the same Windows 2 0 0 0 start the way to your selected, are generally the first one is a new install, if this selection is not revealed the secret?) So we remove the“displayoperating systema list”check box. Restart, OK! Let the administrator go to the strange.

PostScript:our own how to get back to our base? This does not always reload, right? When you start the big press F8, select Back to main menu, not just by seeing that list?

How about doing a Ghost? Tampering with the real administrator of the file? Haha. Get caught up don't blame me