MD5Crack 4.0-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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I always prefer MD5Crack, today to see the author publish a new version, with a relatively large update.

MD5Crack 4.0 in the retention MD5Crack features on the basis of the re-modified the entire framework. All the code are rewritten. The rewrite is mainly a logic portion and a UI portion for the separation, on this basis, while providing a graphics-based GUI interface and command line-based CUI, and in the future may increase the NETUI provides the basis. 1. Increase command line support, see the command line details. 2. Modified GUI layout , add a log and other information. 3. Change the plug-in interface , MD5Crack 4 of the plugin and the previous version of the plug-in is not universal. 4. Upgrade the template dictionary plugin and a random plugin interface, and fixes the random Plug-In of a BUG. 5. To modify multiple password comparison mode, available crack speed, password a more the number, the effect is more obvious, see MD5Crack 4 speed. 6. The recovery delay setting , the user can change this value to adjust the CPU usage and speed. 7. Removed to ciphertext the number of restrictions. 8. In software added an Easter egg.

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