Using Porttunnel do Super springboard-a vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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PortTunnel heard? Uh, a good port mapping tool Previously had not how to use, just bitter to the even data are put in the www. brinkster. com space, and domestic on this website has been blocked, so can not access,, gas Had to pick up this weapon Because in the cafe can not properly use the http proxy well, and I'm also too slow!) Maybe some people won't use, or some people will only be in the gui interface installed, so that, even today, try a half day, the original can also be a command-line installation of the Just not with the net start. Uh, makes me mad Do not say, first upload porttunnel

porttunnel Download: php? s=&postid=2 1 4 5 3 5

The first step Decompression, such as the figure would have been only one file. I performed a build, so, one more file, this file is we want to use to the

We first in the local machine on the build we want to link 我 这里 是 为了 访问 Space, so I wrote this Input port I is set to 9 9 9 9 The output is 8 0, and 输出 地址 为 Of course, this is just an example, you can write on N more, the more you can write 3 3 8 9 So that you can invasion the Bureau within the network 3 3 8 9 machine!

Well, look at Figure You can write a few, here only wrote one

In fact, just the word code:

porttunnel /start

In order to this sentence, I tested N times Of course is N < 1 0, HEE HEE Anyway with the net start is not installed, alas, the eating habits of the loss, and no description Then write a Code:

@echo off cls net use \\%1\ipc$ "%3" /user:"%2" copy . \\%1\admin$\system32 net time \\%1

This is in order to easily send files and available, because to transfer three files Well, looking for a Taiwan meat machine. in fact as long as not domestic, I just like to run to go to Taiwan to engage in destruction)

Good Lord Uploaded! This and that batch of role

Well Now, we use this URL to see if you can access The Oh, In the address write See, go up Also so what, quickly put me at the top of the tool down.