Don't worry about activation and updates create your own OEM system-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Microsoft is now on pirated Windows speed up ban pace, but through the BIOS character to activate the OEM system for sure is absolutely safe, so today teach you to make one for your own computer of the OEM system install disc, no longer have to worry about activation and automatic update of the problem:)

1, the hand must first of all have any one of the company's OEM Windows XP disc or disc image file(ISO file), Professional Edition and Home Edition are OK, English is also not limited, it is recommended to use the HP or Lenovo. Remember:be sure to is the OEM version, other versions need to change more files, there is no discussion, everyone can go online find a way.

2, Download you computer the corresponding OEM file, after decompression to obtain the seven documents, the following drawings have download address

3, if it is a disc, using UltraISO or a similar disk tool to put the disc into ISO image file, saved to the hard disk. Have ISO file would save this step.

4, with UltraISO open just just saved the ISO file, with download the OEM package to extract out of the file of four OEM related file to replace the\I386 directory of the same name in the file

Need to replace four files:oembios. bi_ and oembios. ca_, the oembios. da_, and oembios. si_

5, Save, put the modified ISO file use image burn way burn a new disc can be installed. If you haven't burner,is also all right, put inside the I386 folder of the release to the hard disk, is replaced this a few OEM files, with hard disk Installation Installation can be, as for how the hard tops, I think in this thread I will not discuss.

6, the optical disk to start the installation generally is no need to enter the serial number, if from a hard disk installation, can be in the\I386\of\winnt. sif found in the serial number

My current system is an HP OEM install disc modified into a TOSHIBA OEM disc, after the installation is complete free activation can be automatically updated, no problem at all, Super stable.

Commonly used brand OEM package file download address:

DELL(United States)


HP Hewlett-Packard(United States)


COMPAQ Compaq(United States)


IBM IBM(United States)


ACER Acer(Taiwan)




BENQ Benq(China)