Solve the free space can not FTP upload Trojan issues-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Get the Webshell, and if you want to hang horse, you need to have a support Ftp upload space. For I poor devils, only with free space. And the used free space of the people know for sure that Ftp is not uploading the Trojan, unless it isfree to kill. The spatial spread no Trojan, then do not network the horse. Moreover, if you upload a Trojan horse, and the horse must also befree to kill, a series of conditions, are difficult to meet. Hey, someone's free space is uncomfortable!

If we are in the own computer on the erection of the server, installed IIS? Right, so you don't have to worryfree kill. On the site took the horse off the hook, the 比如 用 IE 打开 hxxp:// IE will automatically download Trojan, if chickens didn't patch it, you've got a broiler. I believe we can certainly find one of the problem.

1, your server must be a external network;

2, We use the certainly are dynamic IP, the next on the line after the IP changed, then you hang the horse is also useless.

How when we each on-line, the IP will be automatically updated to your hanging horse web horses? Inspired by the Dove gray the use of peanut shell domain name turning the client on-line principle. We in the PC on the peanut shell client, so that every time the IP changes corresponding with one of your application's domain name. Hung it, to generate net horse, horse of the address is rewritten as a domain name. Thus, regardless of the IP how to change the domain name corresponds to your computer. Network horses are useful. This can solve some hung it encountered unfavorable conditions. Can be simply understood as, your PC had a fixed domain name, like her own space.

Although this net horse only in your online case effectively, but avoid afree to kill. I think is good.