Boo! Don't tell Microsoft: shield genuine Feedback the program was born-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A company called Firewall Leak Tester personal firewall is a software development company launched the first dedicated shield Microsoft genuine validation program WGA“to Microsoft call home”tools for software-RemoveWGA to.

“Once Microsoft's WGA authentication tool determines that you are using Genuine Windows, Microsoft then there is no reason in succession will be your computer information to Microsoft servers-Microsoft this month before the update, every time you start will and Microsoft switchboard and say Hello to.” Firewall Leak Tester in the software release notes.

This tool software will not on the Microsoft WGA validation program established caused by any modification, just remove the Microsoft“automatic notification”function.“ Absolutely no for you to download and install Windows Genuine value-added service content cause any problems.”

This small tool is only 10KB in size, support Windows XP SP/SP2 system.

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