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With friends in the network mutually transfer information, sometimes the first you know the other computer's IP address to with each other to establish the information transmission channel; then the other party IP address the How to search get? So the question you might scoff, indeed, to query the other computer's IP address, it simply was not worth mentioning; however, to allow you to include a variety of IP address searching method, you might feel bite the bullet. Below, this article on how to quickly and accurately search out the other friend's computer IP address, made the following several methods, I believe can help!

1, mail the query method

Use this method to query the other computer's IP address, first ask let you send an email, then you can view the message properties of the method, to obtain the message sender where the computer's IP address; the following is the method specific implementation steps:

First run the OutLook express program, and click in the toolbar to“accept all mail”button, the friends sent the mail to accept down, and then open the Inbox page, find the friend to send over the mail, and use the mouse right-click, from the pop-up right-click menu, perform the“properties”command;

In the subsequent open the attribute set window, click the“Details”tab, and in the open the figure 1 tab, you will see“Received: from xiecaiwen (unknown [])”this information, which of the“”that's the other buddy's IP address; of course, if other friends through the Internet in WEB mail to send you E-mail, then you see here the IP address is not actually his workstation's true IP address, but WEB mail the site where the IP address.

! Figure 1

Of course, if you are using other mail client program, then, view the sender IP address of the method may be associated with the above not the same; for example, if you use foxmail to accept friend messages, then you can in the Inbox, select the target message, then click the menu bar of the“mail”option from the pop-up menu, select“original information”command, it can be at the rear of the interface see the other friend's IP address.

2, log query method

This method is through the firewall to the QQ chat record real-time monitoring, and then open the firewall log records, find the other friend's IP address. For the convenience of Description, This paper to KV2004 firewall, for example, to introduce how to search the other friend's IP address:

Taking into account the with friends QQ chat is through the UDP Protocol, so you first have to set a good KV2004 firewall, and let it automatically monitor the UDP port, if found to have data from the UDP port into words, it will be automatically recorded. In the settings KV2004 firewall, click the firewall interface in the“rule settings”button, and then click“New Rule”button, the pop-up shown in Figure 2 in the settings window;

! Figure 2

In the window“Name”text box, enter the“search IP address”in the“description”text box also enter the“search IP address”; then in the“network conditions”settings, check“accept the packet”checkbox, while the“other IP address”is set to“any address”, and in the“local IP address”Setting item does not need to make any settings;

Below and then click the“UDP”tab and in this tab under the“local port”setting item, select the“port range”option, and then in the starting box, enter“0”in the end box, enter“6 5 5 3 5”; similarly, in the“other port”settings, also select the“port range”option, and then in the starting box, enter“0”in the end box, enter“6 5 5 3 5”in.

Then in the“When all conditions are met”Setting item, select the“pass”option, while the“other processing”at the“recording”option checked, and“rules objects”Settings item does not require any settings; completed all of the above settings, click“OK”button to return to the firewall's main interface; then in the main interface, select the just created“search IP address”rule, and click the“Save”button, the previous settings preserved.

Complete the above after setting, KV2004 firewall will automatically be on the QQ chat recording for process monitoring, once the other friend sent you to QQ information, then other friends, the IP address information will automatically appear in the firewall log file, then you can proceed to KV2004 firewall installation directory, locate and open the“kvfwlog”file, it can search to each other friends the IP address.#

3, The Tool queries the law

This method is by professional of the IP address lookup tool to quickly search to the other computer's IP address. For example, by means of a tool called WhereIsIP search tool, you can easily according to other friends of the Web site address, search get other friend's IP address, and even search to the other side where your friends are. physical location. In use WhereIsIP program search the other IP address, first launch the program to open as shown in Figure 3 of the search interface, and then click the interface of the“Web site”button in the subsequent window, enter the other friends of the Web address, and then click the“next”button so that the program can automatically with the Internet, the Domain Name Whois database to contact, and then from the database searches with the Web site address of the corresponding IP address. Of course, in addition to know the IP address, you can also know other friends where specific physical location.

! Figure 3

If you would like to view a local area network, a workstation's IP address, you can use the“network Assassin II”tools like to help; as long as you run the tool enter into its main interface, and then execute the toolbar in the“IP address<->hostname”command, in the subsequent Open dialog box, enter a other friends computer name, and then click the“Convert to IP”button, we can get other friends where the computer's IP address.

If you use Oicqsniffer tool, then query the QQ friends IP address even easier. As soon as you click the program interface in the“track”button, and then to the other friends to send a QQ message, then Oicqsniffer tool will automatically be the other friend's IP address and port number displayed. In addition, there are many can find the IP address of the professional tools can be selected, such as IPsniper software,

4, the command query method

This method is through the Windows built-in network command“netstat”to find out the other friend's IP address, however this method requires you to first think of a way to the other friends invited to the QQ of“alone”say a few words. The following is the method specific implementation steps of:

First click“Start”/“Run”command in the pop-up system The Run dialog box, enter“cmd”Command, click“OK”button, the screen switches to MS-DOS working state; then in the DOS command line, execute“netstat-n”command in the pop-up of Figure 4 The interface, you will be able to see the current what address has been and your computer to establish a connection if the corresponding one of the connection state is“Established”, it indicates that your computer and the other computer in between the connection is successful; and

! Figure 4

Secondly, open the QQ program, and invite other friends to join the“alone”, and in which the with friends chat on a few words, so that your computer will and other friends of the computer between the established TCP connection; at this time, then in the DOS command line, execute“netstat-n”command, look now further increased by which of the tcp connection, the newly added connection is actually the other friend with you between UDP connections, see the corresponding connection in the“Foreign Address”will be able to know the other friend's IP address.

5, the ping check law

This method is the use of the“ping”command to check the current computer can with other friends of the website communication in the process of checking the address can automatically get the other site's IP address. For example, if you want to search day extremely website's IP address, you can first open the system Run dialog box, and then enter“ping”string of command, and then click the“OK”button in the pop-up of Figure 5 in a window, you can know the celestial pole website, the IP address is“”. Similarly, you can also search the other sites IP address.

! Figure 4

Well, the above is the query friends computer IP address several commonly used methods; If you have other better method, then, please continue to add perfect!