Sniffit 0.3.7 FOR NT installation and examples-vulnerabilities-warning-the black bar safety net

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Sniffit 0.3.7 launched the NT version, also support WINDOWS2000, I want to hurry to try, because I A friend wanted to install Netxray 3. 0 3 in WIN2K 2000BETA3 equipped not, is probably not supported by WIN2K. So see SNIFFIT NT version I this morning to pull it down.

This sniffit need WinPcap packet is similar to the libpcap packet, support for WIN32 platforms can be Information Packet capture and network analysis,is a UNIX-based libpcap and BPF(the Berkeley sub-frame the filter model of the package. It includes kernel-level packet filter driver, The lower the dynamic connection library(packet.dll),and high-level system-independent Sex library(libpcap,0-based. 4a6.

The WinPcap packet capture start program the device can be driving the increase in Windows 9 5, Windows 9 8, Windows NT and Windows 2 0 0 0, You can have the ability to capture and send through the raw socket interface of the packet (raw packets),Packet. the dll is a can be used to directly access the BPF driver API.

WinPcap http://netgroup-serv. polito. it/windump and http://netgroup-serv. polito. it/analyzer These two tools in a successful application. The latest WinPcap is Version 2. 0 2, patch the 2. 0 1 version of some defects, And the support for WIN2000 is. The specific information and the source code is available in this site to find:

The following is in the WIN2K installation steps: 1 First download the packet. exe after this procedure to expand the installation. 2 Open the WINDOWS 2000 Control Panel 3 from the Control Panel, double-click the“network and dial-up connections”icon, open the"Local Area Connection"icon and select Attribute options. 4 in the dialog box that appears, select"Install",the installation of the network components. 5)then in the dialog box that appears, select”Protocol“click on”increase“. 6 in the dialog box that appears, select the"Install from disk", choose the correct path, that is, you just unzip the Fi Device driver 这个 文件夹 中 必须 包含 packet.inf 和 packet.sys)place in select OK. 7 in the Select the"Packet capture Driver v X. XX ",and follow the instructions to complete the installation, often To your WINDOWS 2000 installation disc. 8 View network Assembly there is no Packet capture Driver v X. XX this line, any Description This driver has been created and bound to the network interface.

Then restart the machine.

Then unzip the sniffit_nt. 0. 3. 7. beta, and then use the command line mode, I simple use a command line, Just start using sniffit-t 2 1, want to monitor the 2 1 FTP port password capture into Unsuccessful, but the emergence of“Automatic network device lookup not yet supported in Win32 version... use ’-F \Device\Packet_{31BB7ED2-125E-11D4-8F11-D79985727802}’ to force the choice, Read the README. FIRST on how to force network devices. Tips, then I follow its prompts, the use of the sniffit-F \Device\packet_{31BB7ED2-125E-11D4-8F11-D79985727 8 0 2} -t 2 1 command, then appear the following tips: Forcing device to \Device\packet_{31BB7ED2-125E-11D4-8F1 quested)... Make sure you have read the docs carefully. Sniffit. 0. 3. 7 Beta is up and running.... ( This indicates that sniffit at work, so the in FTP to the NT port, enter the password, then you can just SNIFFIT Directory see a About 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 2. 1281-192. 1 6 8. 0. 1. 2 1 The file after opening to view the inside The content is as follows: USER xundi PASS xxxxxxx-------->I'm hidden, XIXI SYST PORT 192,168,0,2,5,2 LIST PORT 192,168,0,2,5,3 LIST CWD g: CWD c PORT 192,168,0,2,5,26 LIST CWD hack PORT 192,168,0,2,5,88 LIST

See, is not very neat Ah, as for the file name which is such that 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 2. 1281-192. 1 6 8. 0. 1. 2 1, It should be a client/server mode, the client connection is free open a 1 2 8 1 port address and 192.168.0. 1 2 1 port connection, a specific take a look at other books, look on the socket of the book can know. Even don't know:((

Of course, SNIFFIT there are many other options, I will not speak anymore in fact I haven't seen, Oh, and Concrete can see http://focus. silversand. net on LINUX SNIFFIT explain, Our QUACK prawns compiled.