Teach you to easily find the stored user name and password of the table-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Long ago in the network administrator world on the forum to see a netizen made a post, the content is generally the user unit operating with a management software, the software database using SqlServer2000, due to the long time does not use the system, so the username and password to forget, and because the database table too, looking for a long time did not find out, so I want to please everyone and give a solution. After testing, I found a simple method, believe for encounter such problems friends help, here's the way to speak about it.

Open the“SQL Profiler”(installed SqlServer2000 after that comes with), create a new track, and then in the window that appears, enter the storage databaseserverIP address, database login name and password, as shown in Figure 1 shown, click the“OK”button.

! Then click on the new appeared window in the“Run”button, the SQL Profiler into a monitoring state. We to management software enter the user name and wrong password to log in to the software, then we will find that SQL Profiler captures management software to submit SQL statements, as shown in Figure 2 shown in Fig. ! we look at the capture to the SQL statement:

SELECT count ( *) FROM xitong_yonghu WHERE ( xitong_yonghu. yonghuming ='1' and xitong_yonghu. mima ='netadmin' )

As you can see, the table xitong_yonghu is Storage Management Software User name and password of the table, so we went to the database to view the table of records you can find out the password.