The ocean to the top of the ASP Trojan related problems-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Often see newbies asking the ocean to the top of the ASP Trojan related issues Here I collect some common questions and give the answer!

=File description===================================================== 2 0 0 6. asp Haiyang top nets ASP Trojan 2 0 0 6 Edition files unpack. vbs package file"HYTop. mdb"unlock Controller 2006X.exe Haiyang top nets ASP Trojan 2 0 0 6 C/S mode Converter 2006X2.exe Haiyang top nets ASP Trojan 2 0 0 6 dedicated short server-side C/S mode Converter 2006Z.exe Haiyang top nets ASP Trojan 2006_Lite version of the combiner Used to custom build the corresponding feature of the Lite version of the Trojan hididi. ini 2006Z. exe configuration file ==============================================================

=2006X. exe instructions for use============================================ Press"Open"select the Trojan file, and then press the conversion, the default generated one. htm the client Perform a file, open this file, fill on the Trojan service end address and the access password, press“submit Cross”after the start of the upload Trojan program content arrives at the server memory, submitted after the success of it can be like that With the traditional version of the Haiyang Trojans like to use it, the same convenient. The service side is also generated by the present program is completed, first fill out the service end of the password, and then press“generate Server. The business end of a page”, choose a good storage path and file name, remember the password, use the time to put this File transfer to the server. 2006X2. the exe generated is short on the server side, the requirements of the client and the server password is completely consistent ==============================================================

=2006Z. exe instructions for use============================================ Open the program, you can be in“page selection”frame, select the desired generation of the Lite version of the sea Male top nets ASP Trojan modules,“page generation”in the framework of the source files refers to the Full Version of the Haiyang top nets ASP Trojan 2 0 0 6(This folder is in 2006a. asp), select the appropriate The source files and build files, press“generate”to generate the corresponding combination of features of the Hai Duong to the top Net ASP Trojan 2006_Lite version. hididi. ini saved in the various modules needed for the relevant function to the collection, please do not repair Modified, otherwise the resulting file will not be used. ==============================================================

=Heartfelt thanks===================================================== Network e online, environment programming, Guilin veterans, the ice Fox prodigal son, blue screen, trails, wangyong, the czy, allen, lcx, and Marcos, the kEvin1986, the myth of the Haiyang top nets asp Trojan the Do all the work! ==============================================================

=This version on===================================================== Programming: Marcos Contact: QQ26696782 Published: 2005.03.04 Out products people: Allen, lcx, Marcos Official release: WWW.HIDIDI.NET(2) WWW.HAIYANGTOP.NET(1) Other description: it may appear an amended version and the upgrade version is also timely in the official release point release ==============================================================

Question 1: where I can download it into the ocean to the top of the ASP Trojan?~

Answer: Hai Duong to the top of the asp Trojan download 2 0 0 6 The official version 2006eval version

Question 2: What you write pony that file is packaged/opened. I want to know the file after packing, I download down, is. mdb suffix, and that I to how to restore it, for example, is a folder package download, to how to restore it?

Answer: Please use the oceans to the top of the ASP Trojan 2 0 0 6 The official version of the unpack. vbs file to decompress it! mdb is the file name must be of HYTop. mdb is the default name)

Question 3: Consult,HYTop2006 insert the back door how to use? .: Have been prompted to insert successfully But how to use? Open yourself to the URL and the original does not change,is not also to what client?

Answer: HYTop2006 insert back door

Default to the target insert

The following code

The above code

A default connection password is# Please use the marine C/S client to connect

For example: Is inserted into the file for the top. asp WEB browser address:

I.e., with marine C/S client Address: http://www. xx. cn/top. asp Connect password fill # After the connection Also you want to input the login password Login password the default is: lcxMarcos Otherwise create your own set of password!

Question 4 On marine Trojan

Marine Trojan this feature how to make it? I take people to the station with the marine 2 0 0 6 Packed download down and... Transfer to my server and then pass the ocean immediately go in my space inside unpacking,,,,the results didn't reflect it? What should I do? Is not not I do so or this feature simply bad?

Answer: May be because your path to fill in error! Or your space is not support FSO components!

Question 5: Marine 2 0 0 6 on a station but

Why I can't see this station the absolute path?

All I see is this address:

This document is the absolute path\\\9 4 4 6 6 5 1 8 3\lyb\the ILOVEYOU. asp

Will This be going on?

Answer: This is because the other party putthe WEB serverlocated in the within the net!

Question 6: Marine top 2 0 0 6 The default password is?

Answer: The default password is: lcxMarcos

Question 7: Why I use as short service end use 2 0 0 6 to connect but appear the following error?

Microsoft VBScript runtime error ’800a000d’

Type mismatch: ’Execute’

\test\top. asp, line 1

Answer: Because you used 2 0 0 6 client not the corresponding client! If you want to use a short service end please change the eval version to use!

Question 8 Which master can put this issue is resolved...:( Active Server Pages error ’0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0’ To create the object fails ? Create object ’ws’ error. ActiveX component can't create object

Active Server Pages error ’0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0’ To create the object fails ? Create object ’ws’ error. Missing object

Error: file could not be opened. Error source: ADODB. Stream

Answer: This problem is the formation of the name is modified or deleted it! Please swap with SID try As follows: ()

Question 9 Already in the database(with the extension asp)to insert the back door code, but within the database there are anti-download data, how to submit a back door to execute code? With comes with the no!

If to known the table name, but how to customize


notdownloadsExists refers to notdownloads table exists,if it's anti-download table name is not notdownloads,and you also don't know its table name is what,then the program can not do anything.

Find the program code in the notdownloads replace with your table name.

Question 1 0 xxx. asp Creation time: 2005-8-29 3:3 1:1 6 Last modified: 2005-8-3 3:3 1:0 0 Last visit: 2005-8-29 3:3 2:1 1

Creation time can be modified just fine. Thus the administrator is not easily found.

Answer: shell. application file browse operation has the last modified time can be modified,also modify the creation time.

Question 1 of 1: Found can edit the Forum in which a XXX. asp file with css file. (That is,modify the welcome, and the CSS template) Limit can not be submitted to the< percent, include, Server,...

Answer: The script reverses it,and then use Execute to perform the secondary after inversion of the code,such as