Hack telecommunication“network pioneer”-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Recently there are users reflect, the local Telecom ISP using the one called“network pioneer”device to restrict users to share Internet access, to give us a lot of inconvenience.

Little brother summary online the master of effort, summed up to crack the“network pioneer”approach. Announced as follows, hope to help everyone.

“Network pioneer”is using a variety of methods to detect whether the user is using to share Internet access, thereby limiting, the following I were crack:

One, check the same IP address of the data packet has a different MAC address, if it is determined that the user shared access to the Internet. The hack way is to put each machine's MAC address to the same; modified in many ways, as follows:

One, the sneak 1. Modifying the registry Almost all NIC drivers can be NdisReadNetworkAddress parameters of the call, in order to from the registry to read a user-specified MAC address. When the driver determines that the MAC address is valid, it will be the MAC address programmed into the hardware registers, and ignore the network card to the inherent MAC address. We manually modify the Windows registry you can achieve the purpose. In Windows 9 8 running under a Windows Registry Editor, expand"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\Current ControlSet\Services\Class\Net", you will see similar"0 0 0 0"、"0 0 0 1"、"0 0 0 2"The Sub-key. From"0 0 0 0"the sub-key start to click, in order to find the sub-key under the"DriverDesc"key content, until you find with our look of the target in exactly the same NIC registry information so far. When you find the right card, click on the drop-down menu"Edit/new/String", the string of the name of"Networkaddress", in the new"Networkaddress"string name, double-click the mouse you can enter the value. Input you want to specify the new MAC address value. New MAC address should be a 1 2-digit hexadecimal number or letter, during which no" -", similar to"0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0"This number note that in Windows 9 8, and Windows 2 0 0 0/XP specific key value location is slightly different, through the search function to find it. In"NetworkAddress"continue to add one named "ParamDesc"string value, it will be as a"NetworkAddress"description of the item, the value can be taken as"MAC Address". Then put it in the modified content as you want to set the content. As shown in Fig. Thus, we successfully modify the network card MAC address, restart the computer.

  1. Modify the network card properties Most of the NIC through the control panel to modify the network card properties to change its MAC address, in the"Device Manager", right-click on the need to modify the MAC address of the network card icon and select"Properties/senior"tab. In the"properties"area, you can see one called"Network Address"or other similar name the project, click on it, on the right"value"below, enter the specified MAC addresses value. To continuous input 1 2 hexadecimal digits or letters, not in between input"-"of. After restarting the system The settings will take effect.


If the user is using the RealTek company RTL8139A/B/C/D Series chip card, there is a more simple method to modify the MAC address. RealTek company design PG8139 software can directly modify the RTL8139 series network cards MAC address, you can even make each boot after the NIC MAC address are not the same. Specific operation is as follows: The pg8139. zip extract to a folder, to 8139C chip, for example, use Notepad to open the directory under the 8139c. cfg file, modify the 8139c. cfg file the first line, the"NodeID"of the card number to the required new value of the recommended initial value is"0 0 E0 4C 0 0 0 0 0 1", The modified note of each two bits between at least want to leave a space.

Save before entering MS-DOS mode, in pure DOS mode in DOS prompt after enter"pg8139 /pci 8139c. cfg"and then press the ENTER key, then the system if prompted to"Programming the EEPROM is successful"then the change is successful. PG8139 program per run successfully once, in the corresponding 8139c. cfg file, the system will automatically"NodeID"value plus 1, that is, the first run to the current workstation network card is assigned the MAC Address"0 0 E0 4C 0 0 0 0 0 1", and the second run, the system will automatically assign to"0 0 E0 4C 0 0 0 0 0 2"for the third Time running, it will automatically to"0 0 E0 4C 0 0 0 0 0 3"......, And so on, you can batch modify the network card MAC address, no need to repeat modify the 8139c. the cfg file. If the user's network card is RTL8139 other versions of the chip, just find the corresponding. cfg file to modify the line. In addition, there is a extreme way, by programming the card's EEPROM to achieve cloning the MAC address of the object. But doing so is very risky, and the operation is complex, even experienced users are also inevitable in the operation error occurs, it is not recommended for this operation.

Three, clever wind If is Windows 2 0 0 0/XP user, you can use a free MAC address modifying software SMAC of. Run SMAC, the window in the list box listed on the computer is in a working state of the card. Selected to modify the network card, in the list box below the six input box, enter the new MAC address, click to the right of the"Update MAC to modify the MAC address"to complete the MAC address changes.

Modify the MAC address of the tool a lot, but most are only applicable to Windows 2 0 0 0/XP, it is recommended to use"Super rabbit magic set", because not only easy to use, but also in Windows 9x systems use the same effective. After the changes, to make the settings take effect, the General approach is to restart the system. There is a simple way to not require a system restart, in Device Manager, selected the network adapter icon, click the right mouse button, select"Disable"Please note that after the operation, the status bar is displayed as"disable"it. Then right-click the selected network adapter in the right-click menu select"Enable". This enables the modified settings to take effect.

Second, through the SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol to discover multiple machines to share Internet access.

Some routers and ADSL cat built-in SNMP service, by the corresponding tool is able to view the user there is no sharing, the following is a netizen provided by the corresponding tools view the A ADSL MODEM connected to the user the number of renderings, which you can clearly see the share of the number of users

In order to know your own router or a big cat is open up the SNMP service, feel free to look for a scanning software(ipscan, the superscan......) Scan it, if you open a 1 6 1 port is a built-in SNMP service, the solution is to put SNMP to use? 6 1 The port is prohibited. The use of the router or open the ADSL cats of routing mode Internet Sharing friends can get into the management interface for closed-SNMP option to turn off it. If the cat's management interface independent of the closed-SNMP option had to buy one without the SNMP service for the router, such as TP-LINK TL-R400, put to the adsl moden and the hub in the Middle, in the router do a NAT service, so that the feed to the ADSL cats in is an address, this would solve the shared access to the Internet.

Third, the monitoring and the number of ports, and port more than the set number determined for the share.

This is one of the most to laugh and cry is set, the“network pioneer”to constantly scan the user to open number of ports, more than the set value it is determined that the shared, and sometimes even press few times the F5 key it is considered to be shared, even single-user Internet access are also affected, this can't crack(unless you put the network tip of the soldiers was black), I where the solution is to pretend to be innocent of the user to the ISP customer service phone cursed, and the statement could just change ISP, while the network is normal; Fourth, the“network pioneer”also uses an unknown method from a shared computer in a probe to the shared information, the current solution is to all of the shared clients to install a firewall, the security level is set to Maximum, the IP configuration rules inside all allow others to access the machine rules all don't allow to PING the machine do not, to prevent ICMP,IGMP attack also ticked. If it is WINXP,to open the NIC's network firewall. Taking the above hack way, in their own local area network can not see the machine, and WINXP open the network card of the firewall, in the QQ can not transfer files, the network Speed has slowed down, but it also can be shared.

The above method has in many places of the ISP tried, viable