The cafe of the machine, that does not allow you access to the Internet will not allow you access-the vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Today to thisthe cafeInternet access, and as usual look like, turn on some hack site to look at articles and what thenews. But do next to me a guy does not know is not brain problems, always explore his head to look at my screen, I hate the most is such a thing pull thethis guy is really annoying! I intend to learned about him! Not home bad misunderstanding Ah, I mean the lessons are online, ha hain the realization of the coupling, but a good boy Ah, the good, to teach him a lesson or need a loom first, or else let him see you in trouble. Good! Change a hidden point of the machine to pull, huh?`can start to do bad things to pull. Here to talk about is the use of a"law enforcement officer"of the Local Area Network ManagementSoftwareto makethe cafein a certain machine can not access. Oh~~~hear here is not already around the corner! This way there is a network of feeling Oh! Well, we first put thistoolto download it, then install! First look at the network of the law enforcement officer, The author of thesoftwaredescription: \"A network of law enforcement officer\"is a Local Area Network Management SupportSoftware, the use of the underlying networkProtocol, can penetrate the client_blank">firewallon the network of each host used in the host refers to a variety ofcomputer, switches, etc. with the IP of the network devices to be monitored; the use of the card number(MAC)identify the user, high reliability; softwareitself occupies less network resources, the network is not adversely affected. Softwaredoes not need to run to specifiedservices, in the network according to any one of the hosts on the Run can effectively monitor all the machine connected to the network, support for multi-segment monitoring, the main features are as follows: A, real-time recording on-line users and archived for future reference Network according to any one of the hosts, the boot that will be presentsoftwarereal-time detection and recording their card number, the use of IP, on-line time, offline time, etc. information, the information is automatically saved permanently, and available for query, the query may be under a variety of conditions, and support fuzzy queries. Using this feature, administrators can always know the current or previous any time any one host is turned on, the boot more than a long time, the use of which is IP, host name and other important information; or any of a host of the boot history. Second, the automatic detection is not registered in the host access and alarm Administrator registration complete orsoftwareautomatically detects all of the legitimate host, you can in thesoftwareto set, to reject all unregistered hosts to access the network. Once there is not registered in the host access, thesoftwarewill automatically MAC, IP, hostname, vertical line period and other information for permanent recording, and the use of sound, to specify the host sending the message, etc. various ways alarm, can also according to the administrator settings, automatically for the host to take an IP conflict, with the key host isolation, with the network all other host isolation and other control measures. Third, define the host's IP, to prevent IP theft The administrator can for each host specify an IP or a IP, when the host using out-of-range IP, softwarewill determine which is\\\\\\\"illegal user\\\\\\\",automatically using the admin pre-specified way to control it, and the its MAC, IP, host name, make a note longer records for future reference. The administrator can pre-specify the illegal user to implement an IP conflict, with the key host isolation, with all the hosts of isolation and other management. Fourth, defining the host connection period The administrator can specify each host in a day to allow the connection with the network period or does not allow the network connection time you can specify two periods, such as the allowed daily 8:30-12:0 0 and 1 3:30-17:0 0 with network connection, and specify for each whether the user is allowed in each of the Saturday and Sunday connected to the network. For violation of the provisions of the user, thesoftwaresentenced for the illegal user, the automatic recording and the use of the administrator specified in advance of the approach to management. Management in the same manner as for the IP conflict, and the key host isolation, with all the hosts of isolation. In Summary, The presentsoftwarethe main function is based on the administrator for each host defined in the permissions, real-time monitoring of the entire LAN, and automatically for illegal user management, the illegal user and the network, certain hosts or the entire network isolation, and whether the LAN host running any_blank">firewall, can not escape the monitoring, it will not lead to_blank">firewallwarning, improve network security. The administrator simply based on the actual situation, set each host's permission and violation of the rights of management, to achieve certain specific functions, such as the prohibition of certain host in a specified period of time to access the external network or the complete prohibition of access to certain hosts outside the network; protect the network key of the host, allowing only the specified host to access, and so on.

Oh~~function really is more Ah~but also good Ah! Don't know with how Ah, good! Cut the crap. Let that perverted guy not the Internet first, 打开安装文件夹里的Robocop.exe this is the main program. It will pop up a"monitoring range selection"dialog box. Then follow your own machine's IP to fill in, the General case is to fill out 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 1-1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. 2 5 5 this IP segment. I here is 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 1. 1-1 9 2. 1 6 8. 1. 2 5 5 this IP segment. As shown in Figure 1 The other he would own detected. Well after the point of"OK". In this case the interface will be displayed in addition to the machine outside, the cafethe inside of all the subsystems in. We can according to the"domain per hostname"where the hostname to determine the machine's properties, the General name is"server"orInternet cafesthe name of the isthe cafeof the host, the other is the subsystem number. In the"status"this column, yellow represents the machine is turned on, the gray represents the machine is shut down. In the"lock"that column, there are 3 icons, the hook represents is that we did not shrink it, i shows the This machine and the key host of network is disconnected, and the fork representation of the This machine with all the subsystems of the network is disconnected. As shown in Figure 2

Key host we generally are set forthe cafeof the host. Points on the figure of the"critical host"and then on the inside add. Add the over later, we can be in the"Has the specified key to the host"see we just add the key to the host. As shown in Figure 3

Okay, we click OK. Well later? Sissy can now implement our plans. First, look at that guy loom how much is the number, then his corresponding IP in General is 1 9 2. 1 6 8. 0. xx. Select this machine-the"right key", it will pop-up as shown in Figure 2 screen, we select the first 3"to disconnect the user and all the user connections", then"OK". This is our a few will be in the interface to see on this machine the"lock to this box is a red fork fork."" Network, my machine how dropping pull up!!" Ha ha to less than a minute, the guy called up. At this time my heart really nervous and 暗喜!! Simple! This put him get. Of course you also can choose the 2 item"disconnect switch to the user and key host connection", so that the NMS check up don't know is why the pull, it's called"let him do not know is how to die". Haha~~~in fact, thissoftwarethere are other nice features, everyone can be their own down understudy, I also will not say more!! Today that's just one small function. I wish you all learn black!