The Windows in the DLL Files the basic principle and modified method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A DLL file is common sense DLL is a Dynamic Link Library acronym meaning Dynamic Link Library. In Windows, many applications are not a complete executable file, which is divided into a number of relatively independent Dynamic Link Library that DLL file, placed in the system. When we execute a program, the corresponding DLL file will be called. An application can have multiple DLL Files, a DLL file may also be several applications of the common, such a DLL file is called shared DLL files. DLL files are generally stored in the C:WindowsSystem directory

Second, modify the DLL files of the specific application

In the system's Group Policy and the registry, we can modify some key values to optimize our system, and strengthen theoperating systemsecurity. However, for limit download, ban delete files and other functions, we cannot by the above-described operation to complete, and this only by modifying a system DLL file to achieve. Currently, our by modifying a system DLL file, you can achieve the prohibition of deletion of files, prohibit the IE download, to prohibit the IE Save As, suppress file open mode and other functions.

Third, the system of partial DLL file functions

1, The Browselc.dll IE is required to call the library file of the DLL structure of the prototype is it

2, the Shdoclc.dll system window and settings, such as delete file, rename

3, the Shell32.dll system window and settings, such as delete file, rename

4, the Cryptui.dll IE controls download and the prompt dialog box program

Fourth, to modify the DLL files of the method

1, Download DLL file modification tool EXESCOPE6. 0-6. 3 or 6. 4 Tools

2, the 获取 Browselc.dll And Shdoclc.dll And Shell32. dll Cryptui. dll this a few linked files. Looking for this few files, preferably the other machine's hard disk, and mount in the machine, then the machineoperating systemto start and copy these few files.

3, in the modified DLL files, open the keys on the right side of the dialog box to modify the key value to disable, do not delete, for future recovery

Fifth, the DLL file to modify the cheats

1, prohibits the download of the modification method:open Shdoclc. dll Modify-dialog---4 4 1 6 4 4 1 6 key value to disable.

2, prohibit the page Add to Favorites, open Shdoclc. dll Modify-dialog---2 1 4 0 0, the key value is disabled.

3, the prohibition of malicious web pages load controls, modify Cryptui. dll file to modify 5 places in order to completely prohibit resource-dialog box---1 3 0 resources-dialog box---2 3 0 resources-dialog---4 1 0 1 resource-dialog box---4 1 0 4 resources-dialog---4 1 0 7 in each dialog box the corresponding key value, to modify the become disabled.

4, the 禁止 系统 删除 文件 修改 Shell32.dll this file need to modify 5 places you can only disable the system to delete the file. Resource-dialog box---1 0 1 1 resource-dialog box---1 0 1 2-dialog box---1 0 1 3 resource-dialog box---1 0 2 1 resource-dialog box---1 0 2 2 The above five addresses the key value disable you can!

5, prohibiting the file to be renamed, 修改shell32.dll there are 2 places you need to modify resources dialog box---1 0 1 8 resource-dialog box---1 0 1 9 The above two corresponding key value, to modify the To disable the you can!

6, prohibit Run menu, 修改shell32.dll, the resource-dialog box---1 0 1 8 key value is set to disabled.

7, the 禁止 系统 文件 被 挪动 修改 shell32.dll need modify 4 local resource-dialog box---1 0 1 4 resources-dialog---1 0 1 5 resources-dialog---1 0 1 6 resource-dialog box---1 0 1 7

8, the prohibition of Save Target As, and modifying the Shdoclc. dll file, you need to modify 3 places-Menu-2 5 8---2 5 7 resources--Menu--2 5 8---2 5 2 resources-Menu--2 4 6 4 1--2 2 6 8 in this modification, we need to get the corresponding key value to delete. Open the key value, the right-click menu with delete. In resources--Menu--2 4 6 4 1—2 2 6 8, There are a number of the key value, add one by one to delete.

9, the prohibition of custom folder options to modify Shell32. dll file, you need to modify the following 4 local resources--Menu--2 1 5---2 8 7 1 9 resources--Menu--2 1 6---2 8 7 1 9 resources--Menu--2 1 7---2 8 7 1 9 resources--Menu--2 1 6---2 8 7 1 9 Find more around the key value, the direct need to remove after can be, and is not disabled.

1 0, suppress the IE Folder Options, modify the Browselc. dll file, you need to modify 3 key resources-Menu-2 6 3 (here are more, please delete)---4 1 2 5 1(Delete) resources--Menu--2 6 6(There are more, please delete)---4 1 3 2 9 (delete) resources--Menu--2 6 8---4 1 2 5 1 (deleted) in the above 3 key values, the individual key values in many places, please one by one to delete.

1 1, suppress 9 8 file-sharing controls 修改 Msshrui.dll, you need to modify 2 local resources---dialog box---- 1 --- AutoRadioButton resources---dialog box---- 3 0 --- AutoRadioButton the above two key value to disable. Other options, according to their own needs to be modified. Find the appropriate function key value, you will not need the feature, disable it.

1 2, prohibition of open files, the 修改 Url.dll, you need to modify 2 local resources---dialog--- 7 0 0 0 resource---dialog--- 7 0 0 5 The above two key value to disable.

1 3, prohibit changes to the system desktop, 修改Shdoc401.dll there are 2 places you need to modify resources---dialog box--- 2 9 9 5 2--- PushButton:browse resources---dialog box--- 2 9 9 5 2--- PushButton:the pattern of the above two key value to disable.

1 4, the prohibition of SYSTEM folders customize, 修改Shd401lc.dll there are 2 places you need to modify resources---dialog--- 2 9 9 5 7 resources---dialog--- 2 9 9 5 8 The above two key value to disable.

1 5, prohibit the File Save path and open, 修改Comdlg32.dll there are 2 places you need to modify resources---dialog--- 1 5 4 7 resources---dialog--- 1 5 4 8 The above two key value to disable.


1, The paper to the Windows XP/2 0 0 0 operating system DLL files modifications, for example, does not necessarily apply to Windows 9 8 operating system, please modify the DLL files noted.

2, in the prohibition of the download operation, in addition to modifying the ban download link file Shdoclc. dll, 还要修改禁止文件另存为的链接文件Shdoclc.dll the. If you modify a linked file cannot achieve the corresponding functions, please view other link file whether there is a need to modify the key value.

3, the modified DLL link file, need in DOS mode to import and restart the machine.

4 This Chapter describes only our day to day operation of frequently used DLL modification options, additional options, please refer to the DLL file of the specific options to be modified.

5, in the modified DLL file, please first backup the original system DLL file, to prepare for the modification fails to restore

DLL to modify the examples to explain

※ On the system tray icon changes ※

Network connection and volume~~~

These two are in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 folder the following can be found

(Network Connection)icon is in a netshell. dll icon item#1 9 1 5--#1 9 1 8

(Volume)problems with. dll icon item 2 3 0--2 3 1

There are (volume)problems with. dll icon item 2 3 0--2 3 1

※ About the Open/Save dialog box to the top right corner button of the Modify ※

There are a lot of people mentioned open and Save As dialog box to the top right corner that several bitmap problems, in this or in say it again: is comctl32. dll inside the bitmap item 1 2 4--1 3 1, In this below two folders inside



※ About the IE Download dialog animation modifications ※

IE download AVI also there are a lot of people ask

In the C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHDOCVW. DLL inside the AVI resources 2 5 6

※ About the Explorer/IE toolbar button to modify ※

IE and Explorer toolbar buttons to replace the location of shell32. dll bitmap 2 0 4--2 1 7

IE angle on the micro-subject of an alternate location for the shell32.dll inside the bitmap 2 4 0-2 4 2

※ About the shutdown/logoff dialog box to modify ※

There go most of the problem is the shutdown and log off dialog box.

关机 是 msgina.dll,

注销 是 shell32.dll

※ About the Windows picture viewer modifications ※

Picture and Fax viewer is also relatively common to~~~ the title bar of the words can be modified inside the string of the first item

Below the row of buttons is driver. dll bitmap 1 0 4 to 1 0 7

※ On the Control Panel item to modify ※

Control Panel category view of each location of the icon to shell32. dll icon item 2 6 8 to 2 7 6

The Control Panel's Classic view, the icon is generally in C:\WINDOWS\system32 under the corresponding. cpl files, respectively:

modem. cpl modem icon main. cplThe mouse icon netcpl. cpl the network connections icon ODBCCP32. CPL ODBC data source powercfg. cpl Power Options main. cpl printers and Faxes icon intl. cpl regional and Language Settings icon appwiz. cpl Add/Remove the application icon mmsys. cpl sound and multimedia icon sysdm. cpl System icon inetcpl. cpl user icon access. cpl accessibility options sysdm. cpl add new hardware datetime. cpl date and time icon desk. cpl Display Properties main. cpl font icons joy. cpl game controller icon inetcpl. cpl the Internet Options icon main. cpl keyboard icon mstask. dll the Scheduled Tasks icon Etc.~~~~~~

Add/Remove Application dialog box

A lot of people find the most the following the set program access and defaults icon, and here I also post at Figure. ` ~ ~

appwiz. cpl above three bitmap entries of 1 0 1--1 0 3, instead of the usual icon of the item inside

And the most the following icon in the From the. dll icon item 1 1 4

※ On the System Properties dialog box to modify ※

A lot of people want to change the System Properties dialog box on the word and inside the corresponding icons, bitmaps, etc., I help you to collect a bit for the following files:

计算机 名 netid.dll (on the dialog box Print,dialog box item 1 1 2)

远程 remotepg.dll (on the dialog box Print,dialog box item 5 1 0)

自动 更新 wuaueng.dll(on the dialog box Print,dialog box item 5 0 1)

A conventional, hardware and advanced options sysdm. cpl (on the dialog box Print,dialog box item 1 0 1)

System Restore srrstr.dll (on the dialog box Print,dialog box item 1 1. The

※ On the Display Properties dialog box to modify ※

The Display Properties dialog box is also personalized in the the primary consideration of a question~~

于 之 相关 的 文件 为 themeui.dll 和 shell32.dll~~~

※ Other ※

The system message of the icons used,the replacement time must pay attention to the little icon of the format and the original icon format must be the same, otherwise there could not get into the system now! Remember

This file: User32. dll icon item 1 0 0--1 0 5

The toolbar bitmap replace C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\Binaries under the helpctr. exe inside the bitmap item 3 0 0#--3 0 3# There is icon item 2 0 0#

There is inside some of the icons and bitmaps, etc. download the following file to directly replace C:\WINDOWS\PCHEALTH\HELPCTR\System under the images folder