Let the“fat horse”into“hot pot”-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Preface: In fact, this pony on my computer and feeding the n years. (a conservative estimate of 3 years. ps: my computer what is wall, what anti-virus are no))

Just for this plug thread, never know heteroaryl killed in the TC prawns in the hands of the teachings, finally...

One, found With icesword found pc starts with An f. exe thread generates, Oh~ when is hand fast in icesword view of the processes found in f. exe to

Should be the name of the program to c:\winnt\system32\ . exe. Using icesword file management to find . exe copy it out with notepad open--find

dll found an exception to the dll name: gsys4.dll use icesword did not find this dll.

Second, find We first take a look at those files in the call to this dll: C:\WINNT\system32>findstr "gsys4.dll" * >> c:\x.txt

In c:\x. txt find 3 files: