Breakthrough in the users permissions broken star Lann-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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users permissions are really so low? Our school room has restore card, USB are also sealed, and the BIOS has a super-long password, the external network is also nowhere. Installed VB and the star LAN multimedia network classroom. But with my generation is not going to use VB coding to a broken BIOS, restore the card's password. The original can also use Administrator permissions will star LAN multimedia network classrooms to turn off you say? Accidentally hit storm your glasses! in. But from X months ago, because some people use IPC$in the classroom. visiting the money, the results of the teacher took our rights are reduced to USERS,the network settings also change. A IPC$can't find the network name, The Star LAN multimedia network classrooms also off not on. Some classes will gloomily lectures to our students the freedom to the universe of peace, in order to~~(fresh orange on the rocks: the original you are Ultraman game! I've been at discover. The day saw the replace of usage, so they tried a try: replace c:\...\student.exe(student end) c:\winnt\discover.exe 提示 找不到 路径 c:\winnt\discover.exe 再 来 replace c:\...\student.exe(student end) “c:\winnt\discover.exe “ Still can't find the path, regardless of the quotation marks added where all the same. replace c:\...\student.exe(student end) “c:\winnt\”it. Hint: not replace the file cut~~~)。 It seems that this command can not be replaced are executed the file, but in the subsequent add /a...replace c:\...\student.exe(student end) “c:\winnt\” /a 正在 添加 c:\winnt\student.exe add a file. Oh! The original use of this command can perform a file copy out a copy. 那 拷 pagefile.sys try! replace c:\ pagefile.sys “c:\winnt\” /a. Extended error 5 The. Thought I could get it to copy out open to see what could be with something too! Mad, the student. exe to play destiny! I dot dot dot...... With Ctrl+Shift+Esc to call up any task Manager, find it, and I K, the thought that will not reflect or deny access to, the results...... Student.exe be the end! At this time, teacher with a full-screen broadcast, but for me useless! Ha ha ha! Another track a bit, and found that whenever a new Run student. exe, 都会先在任务管理器中出现两个student.exe will a quit, 只剩一个student.exe the. This should be the programmer of low-level errors that prevent the program repeat run, should the new Run of the program by the end of fall, rather than the end of the first run. There are some of these software also have this mistake, try to go to, you will there find! Teachers, don't think that we the users permissions what also can't do it!! We pursue equality break it!!!