The use of third-party Internet access software real free Internet access-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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New Year's Day the night before, discovered this vulnerability. I was in Jiangsu Changzhou at the school sophomore students. Our school is Nanjing lianchuang company of broadband Internet assistant on the web.

This is it, don't know what we black-how many friends, this method can achieve the real free Internet access, the system will not re-buckle our Internet access cards for the money! The following direct description of it: First you want to prepare a tool, our black group there is a LAN view tool V1. 6 to 0. Useful lianchuang broadband Internet assistant friends know it has 2 forms, can be on a different network, just take my account as an example. My student number qy0404311142, then the corresponding qy0404311142@edu can only attend school on-campus network, and qy0404311142 can only be on the internet, how to achieve the free Internet?! First with qy0404311142@internet on the INTERNET, open the LAN view tool V1. 6 0, the point of the search computer,

Well, the minimize placed to the side. Now, exit the internet, modified on qy0404311142@edu, you re on the look QQ see, is not found to be up?! Oh~~~~and now we see whether the school's FTP site or the INTERNET can be on, the thunder also can download, you can online Watch TV watch a movie, PPLIVE...... Almost all can, even the game can play together. But the good want has the disadvantage that sometimes some websites can not get into, the network speed when the fast slowly, but chat QQ, look at PPLIVE enough, but the thunder can also, the website has although slow the point, enough already~~hehe We are not anti-go give it a try, my classmates watched him for a few hours after checked his account, no money, the system or was you on EDU, a penny also does not buckle!!!! Oh, this is I accidentally discovered, or with our black based on the software, Thank you.!!!!