Bypass the invitation to join the Windows Live™ Mail-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

ID MYHACK58:6220066011
Type myhack58
Reporter 佚名
Modified 2006-01-02T00:00:00


  1. First, log into your MSN or HOTMAIL modify personal information Language - > English Country - > United States State - > Florida.

2. Put the following address copy into your browser, just IE address bar, enter. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0%2d0000%2d0000%2d0000%2d000000000001&a=b9a426ebd4880ad9d14db4b4c55a69f8bb8dea2282102422220030b2b6bb98c8

  1. Sign in Anson says login, but I login successfully the ha, regardless of continued...)

  2. Then just copy the address into the address bar, hit Enter.

  3. The next invitation to see the page Click on the“Join Mail Beta!”! , it is a success!

  4. After the success and then the Language - > Simplified Chinese will be able to see a Windows Live™ Mail the Chinese interface!

Note: the information in the country to change the Language - > English Country - > the United States State - > Florida, the language to changed to English, so that you will be successful, if not modified then also it is possible successfully to see someone say with a Chinese application is successful, but the possibility is very small.