With the rabbit plus WinRAR play dead charge encryption software-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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Currently on the network encryption software have mushroomed General everywhere, their price is often in the 3 0 yuan, and many friends also have to fork out money to buy these encryption software, but they really can play the role of encryption? Author Super rabbit and WinRAR both software for everyone for example analysis.

The anti-party: encryption folder

Super rabbit is a commonly used System Settings and optimization software. It comes with“super rabbit security assistant”, by a simple operation, the encryption important folder. The operation steps are as follows: launch Super-Bunny, and then select“Super rabbit security assistant”, then select“disguise folder”option. Click to the right of the“load Folder”button, navigate to the to be encrypted folder, as shown in Figure 1, and then click“Next”, the operation to be done automatically after the exit.


Thus, one of ordinary folders, i.e. into a system of“control panel”in the Explorer, open the folder, the display is the Control Panel.

Tapping: decrypt folder

WinRAR is a commonly used compressed file, in fact in addition, it is also a good decryption software. Many non-professional encryption software, you can use it to decrypt. Gossip less Syria, the present example is concerned. If we know that a folder is disguised as a control panel, without any operation, the direct use WinRAR to browse the encrypted folder, you can easily see there is no encryption before all the content, as shown in Figure 2, and using and reading a little difficult.


Thus, in fact, the super rabbit encryption only for the folder to add a suffix name, which is disguised as System folder, and this method is often online a variety of encryption software used, so the author remind PC fans, do not easily believe that the so-called“×××encryption Donkey Kong”, when you decide to buy an encryption software before, it is best to try it out, see if I can use WinRAR to easily“hack”