The latest Windows Live Mail registration and vulnerability analysis-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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From the 2 0 0 6 year 6 month 1 8 day@live mailbox broke registered vulnerability the start, in fact, Microsoft has not closed the register for the live mailbox database, the Windows live ID associated with the page, have been able to access, including** In the database, this can be a good explanation as to why your LIVE mailbox can be a normal landing receiving mail. The new method again!

If so, why now can't it registered, this is because Microsoft put up@live page the entrance to the seal, just like a house although there is room but the door to shut, of course you can't get in.

Based on this principle, 2 0 0 6 year 1 1 month online 2nd storm out@live vulnerability, simple on the registration page far a a script will open this door, since the propagation is too fast Microsoft very soon with an error message and shut the door.

Here you can think about LIVE. COM under the“thousands”with@live database connected to the page. Microsoft can all plug? The answer is no.

Open—enter—select the“use existing domain”—just enter a domain name, point use a new ID, this time if your network speed quickly, you will not have what harvest, but if you speed is slow enough(the author is thus, on the Education Network), 你会发现@live.cn的下拉框 and soon pages fully opened, the 这个 的 下 拉 框 就 会 消失 不见 this description of this page can access the live mailbox database, 只是网页最后执行的时候屏蔽了@live.cn的下拉框 the.

So smart students should know how to do it. Script? No! There is a more convenient method.

Registration method

You must first install the opera browser to<>download opera9 installed when selected. 安装 后 如果 你 要 注册 就 把 语言 换成 英文 that method is“tools—preferences—language”drop-down to English then click OK 如果 要 注册 就 不用 换 了 in.

  1. Open the<>click on get started(start)press the button.

  2. In the new page, select Use a domain I already own(using the existing domain )feel free to fill in a domain name, such as 3X. COM or 5 5. com.., etc., and then point Continue(continue)press the button.

  3. In the new page, select the second one in the Create a new Windows Live ID in your domain(in the domain create a new Windows Live ID)and then point Continue(continue)press the button.

  4. This is the registration page. See not*Windows Live ID 那里 有 一 个 cn)the right, quickly fill you want to grab the username!

  5. The last point I accept(accept)button, the registration is successful, you can turn off the page to go to<>activate your@live mailbox a note that sometimes he will prompt password is wrong, and go to the hotmail page, this without a tube, and then landing on it.

Have successfully registered the COM and the CN of the mailbox, the theory is you can register all of the country's LIVE mailbox