Suffered password loss teach you how to hack-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The network administrator in the network the role of the equivalent of the police, not only to keep the network in check leakage fill a vacancy, but also in the network, each PC repair the time to overcome various difficulties. In view of the now security-conscious looked up, almost in an enterprise PC on a“safety lock”, but lost the“keys”of the lot. So, how to hack password become a every network compulsory. The author summarizes a variety of“hard”and“soft”methods, and share.

CMOS crack

Using a computer, you first need to boot. Therefore, the power-on password is first to be encountered. Although the CMOS type is different, but their encryption methods are basically the same.

The hardware method of lifting CMOS password principle is the on-Board CMOS RAM discharge process, so that stored in the CMOS RAM of the parameters without normal power supply lead to content loss, which serve to lift the CMOS password purposes. Some Newspapers on how to crack the CMOS password is usually practices, such as the jumper short connected and the battery shorted the law has been more introduced. But in fact there is a much easier method: open the chassis, the hard disk or CD-ROM drive, floppy drive data cable from the motherboard unplug, and then re-start the computer, BIOS will in self-test reports an error and automatically enter the CMOS, then you can re-set the BIOS.

The system password to crack

The system password is to log on to theoperating systemwhen the use to the password, it is your computer provides a safety protection, can make computer from illegal users, in order to protect your computer and confidential data secure.

In view of Windows98/ME operating system earlier, the method more, here not repeat them here.

Crack Windows NT password, if you have an ordinary user account, there is a very simple method to get the NT Administrator account. First the c:\winntsystem32 under logon. the scr was renamed as logon. old backup, and then put usrmr. exe renamed to logon. the scr then reboot. the logon. scr is the system load at startup procedures, after the reboot, do not appear past the login password input interface, but the User Manager, then you have permission to put yourself added to the Administrator group.

Crack Windows2000 password boot disk to start the computer or boot into anotheroperating system(eg Windows98), find the folder"X:\DocumentsandSettings\Administrator"(X is a Windows2000 where the disk drive letter), this folder under the"Cookies"folder to delete, and then restart the computer, which can be empty password quickly log on Windows2000 it.

Crack Windows XP password in to start Windows XP, press F8 key Select with command security mode use the net command may be the user identity for the operation. Specific steps are as follows: use the command"netuserabcd/add"to add a named abcd of the user, use the command"netlocalgroupadministratorsabcd/add"User abcd promoted to administrator, restart the computer, with the abcd logged on, the last of the forgotten password user to Password Change can be.

Commonly used software crack

Currently, more users understand the use of computer software on their own some of the storage in the computer the information in the encryption operation, so that the right to read the person can't easily open these important information.

Crack WPS series password: if you are a legitimate user, on the forget the password, start the WPS program, click“File”/“password settings”menu, in the event the password setting dialog box you can see the original password will be automatically to the“special character appears in the“Password”text box, click“Clear”, then click on the“Confirm”button, the encrypted file the password has been cleared.

If you're not a legitimate user only by means of tools to crack. Now to crack the WPS password software very much, but on its powerful, the crack speed soon the number of domestic Edward'sWPS2000PasswordRecovery. The tools to crack WPS password is used to crack the password of the common method---the exhaustive method.

Crack Word document password: may is Microsoft Office too striking for it to crack the software very much. Alternatively use a homemade software“97/2000/XP password viewer”, which is only 29KB size of a mini Simplified Chinese Word password removal software. This software is no installation, double-click the executable file. The tool can hack Windows9X/NT/2 0 0 0/XP full series document password, you can find up to 1 to 3 bits of the password(not registered version only supports 3 bits), use"dictionary"brute-force method to crack.

Crack Excel document: select the one called Advanced Excel97Password Recovery Tool, 614K, the most recent version of the 1. 0 to 1.

Crack OICQ password: use the one called“OICQ password Terminator”tool.

Crack the network password

Network is quietly and quickly into our work life. In order to prevent various types of network intrusion, the people have to the plus a variety of password. But these password once forgotten, become our to work fine.

Hack Internet account and password: as a daily Internet bridge, the small business employees access to the Internet account with a password set to log onto the network. The use of some tool software to get the account is not very difficult thing, and even can be said to be a breeze. Here we use one called GetIP tool, which through various kinds of design can be a password restore.

To crack IE Content Advisor password: Internet Explorer provides a hierarchical review of the function, it can be in the user's settings for some pages to be filtered, only know Content Advisor password the user can view the related page information. If forgotten Content Advisor password, not only can not access the restricted site, and can not change the existing limit level, reinstalling IE also no use, what should I do? Start Registry Editor, find"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows

\CurrentVersion\policies\Ratings"sub-key, find the one named"KEY"the key value of the item, it is the user to set IE Content Advisor password(the data is already encrypted), the user need only delete the key value you can cancel the Content Advisor password, and then re-set the IE Content Advisor password.

Crack OE password: OE program has three passwords, email passwords and newsgroup passwords and user identification password. Here we have one called"password interception"(3.1 special edition)software, can run on WIN9X/2 0 0 0/NT/XP.

Crack Foxmail password

There are quite a lot of business users, simple to use yet powerful Foxmail to do the mail receiving tool. For 4. 2 the previous version, just remove the Foxmail\mail\directory of the corresponding user directory of the Account. stg file, you can easily see the user mailbox in the mail. And 4. 2 Version later, delete the Account. stg, POP3 server and SMTP server information will be lost, and thus into the Foxmail main screen after viewing only the user the four default mailbox(i.e. Inbox, Outbox, Sent items, box and scrap box)in the letter, the user create a new custom mailbox is invisible. Or use Ultraedit to open the account. stg, in the file 0f00h place, you can see the following value string 00000f00h: 0C 8C 0A 0 0 1B 0 0 0 0 0 0 (This is a each account are the same)and thereafter if connected to a non-zero value of the string that is the password. The backup file, and then modify this non-zero value of the string is zero, then open the Foxmail into this account without a password.

And the most simple method is create a new user, to generate a new mailbox to the Save directory, put the directory under the newly created account. stg covers the encrypted mailbox, the password is cracked.