Simple, make a hidden program to“jump”out-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Perform one software, double-click its main program. If this software is in a very deep in a folder, we'll have one layer have to open the folder, find the“hidden”in the depths of the program. For convenience, we will provide these programs on the desktop create a shortcut, but because of the convenience brought about trouble is a screen full of shortcuts.

Don't know if you noticed, in the“Start”menu“run”, input“CMD”, open the“command prompt”, enter“gpedit. msc”will open the“Group Policy”, these programs are present in a deep directory, as long as we in the“run”enter the name of the program you can directly open the program, whether that allows other programs also use this method. In the“run”directly enter the name of the you can run?

In fact, you want to allow the program to achieve this function is very simple, only need to change the“registry”. In the“run”enter“regedit.exe”open Registry Editor to“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths”expand this we can see a lot in the name of the program name of the project, in the“run”directly input these names you can open the corresponding program. We to the most commonly used software QQ, for example, in the“App Paths”under the right click“New→Item”, this new item named“QQ.exe”select QQ. exe item in the right window will appear with a default key value, double-click the default derived key value in the“Value data”field, enter QQ. exe path, for example“D:\ 网络 \QQ2005\QQ.exe”, point to determine after the entry into force of

We are in the“run”input“QQ”, carriage return after the QQ is not a normal run. Other programs can use this method to set, Let and the shortcuts say goodbye to it.