Free resources undetected streaming media download technical overview-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Now focus on the description I'm looking for the url of the experience:

1, From html source code to find

Open IE to view/view source file in the Notepad and then find the Streaming Media protocols such as rtsp\pnm\mms\mmst, etc. or find it in the extension swf\wmv\rm\asf\avi, maybe you can see unexpected things. The most typical example is in the flashers Empire FLASH find swf suffix, you can know it the flash address!

2, find the suffix of the address

To watch online site, play movie, right click, look at His attributes, you can find the address, typically mms or pnm Protocol, the address is copied to the streambox-in, you can.

3, find ram\asx text

Friends often will find the address to download but can not see, look at the size of only a few hundred k, a movie how could how small? The original ram\asx is a instead of rm\asf of text, use Notepad to open the ram\asx, you can find movies address!

4, How to find error information in the address

realplayer not look directly at the file address, so finding the address a lot of trouble. Teach you so look: when playing streaming media when the network is disconnected, then the pop-up displays the error dialog, the error information inside it with streaming media address!

The above is just my personal experience, I hope everyone together to explore to download Streaming Media Technology, get free resources undetected it!