Internet cafes do not worry it! The hard break through the four unique tips-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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In the cafe inside the Internet by too many restrictions, want to delete your chat history but it does not open the hard disk, and you want to receive the MM of the photo was banned, download a tool to start after it is reduced down...... The hard disk access restriction is in an Internet cafe in the Internet access most people loathe the stuff, while you want to crack the Internet cafes to install the management software, download the crack tool is the first step. In we have introduced through various hack methods, many friends are often download the tool cannot be saved in the hard disk, or unable to open hard disk execute the downloaded file. Today is to introduce the recipe, break through the limit full access to the hard disk.

First, the compression software to“understand”hard drive

In the cafe, often install some commonly used software tools, such as WinZip, WinRAR like compression software, the use of these software we can easily break cafe management software restrictions, free to view hard disk?

To WinRAR, for example, the majority of Internet cafes to install the management software, to establish a plurality of virtual desktops. We just switch to the tool in the software category of the virtual desktop, double-click Run the WinRAR software, click the menu command“file”→“switch drive”, in the sub-menu you can see the hard disk drive. Select a drive, you can in WinRAR the bottom of the browser window to see the contents of the hard disk, the file for various operations. Use“file”→“browse for folder”commands, you can directly browse the specified hard drive folder(Figure 1).


If the Internet cafe has installed WinRAR, but there is no icon placed on the desktop, can't open run WinRAR, this time we can run the QQ or TM. Click on the panel on the QQ Network Hard Disk panel, expand one of the“shared network drive”→“game”→“Shockwave plug-in(Habbo private)”, double-click under the“Shockwave_ Installer_Full.rar”file to begin the download(Figure 2). After the download is complete, the compressed file will automatically call WinRAR open, you can enter the cafe the hard disk.


Second, the Winamp“play”hard drive

Most of the cafes are provides MP3 music play function, there are many installed Winamp or other player, we can easily through Winamp to browse the hard disk. Run the Winamp program, on the main window press the shortcut key, will open the Winamp browser;then continue to press the shortcut key, you can display the browser address bar, then enter C:or D:whatever the administrator has not hidden in C or D disk, can be directly into the C or D drive(Figure 3).


Third, QQ favorites na hard disk

If cafe management software does not delete the QQ on the“user custom panel”, you can have a easier way into the hard disk. Click on the QQ panel on the“user custom Panel”, click the menu“favorites”→“settings”. In the pop-up favorites management dialog box“name”, Enter“C drive”, in the“link”, input“c:”, Click“Add”→“OK”button. The return Panel, click on the“Favorites”→“hard disk”, in the QQ panel, you can open the C drive, and direct the file to delete, rename and other operations. Find the Internet cafe management software, which can be the main program replaced, after a reboot you can free access to the Internet(Figure 4).


Fourth, the“Yahoo Assistant” to help me break cafe

In many Internet cafes have installed a 3 7 2 1 and Yahoo assistant like IE tools, these tools can be a valid recovery IE, the variety of malicious change, the use of this feature, you can restore IE's download function, and cancel the cafe management software to do a variety of restrictions.

Open the web page“”, click on the page in the“online installation”button, use the online way of installing Yahoo assistant. After installation re-open IE you can see the Yahoo toolbar, click toolbar in the“Internet assistant”→“IE repair”→“IE repair experts”, open the one key recovery page(Figure 5). In“the lifting of the system function of the illegal limit”, You can restore a disabled“log off, run, off”menu, Registry Editor, import registry file function, to recover the hidden Control Panel, hard disk icons, etc. Click the“recover”button to finish the repair. Then you can by the Registry Editor or“Internet Options”to restore the download function, etc.......