Clever use of WinRAR will be confidential camouflage was imperceptible-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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WinRAR is everyone commonly used compression/decompression program, in addition to this we also often put WinRAR as encryption software to use, in the compressed file when the Set password can protect the data of the object. But specifically for WinRAR password hack software very much, although setting a longer password can be a certain extent to prevent someone brute force, but there are some other tips-if the other side simply did not put your file as other irrelevant files treatment, that is safe much.

Is there any way you can let someone on our confidential files turn a blind eye? The following will tell you two strokes, let us use WinRAR to put their confidential documents disguise.


When someone use the mouse to double-click the MP3 file(or JPG file), it will automatically call Winamp and other software play this song(or calls the image browser software open this picture), it looks everything normal, who would not think about which turned out in possession of your confidential documents. You want to see hidden in secret, it can be. MP3(or. JPG)renamed the*. RAR file, and then click on this file you can see where the hidden file. Note, Do not give this. RAR file encryption code, or renamed. MP3 file(or. JPG file)cannot play a song or display a picture, that would cause someone to doubt.

The first step: the need to encrypt the files and an MP3 song(or JPG image)is placed in the same folder, in Windows Explorer window, select to encrypt the file and the MP3 file(or JPG file), press the right mouse button, select the pop-up menu in the“Add files to compressed file”command.

The second step: in the pop-up“compressed file name and Parameters”dialog box the“compressed file name”enter the file name in the“compression method”, select“storage”, click“OK”button after generating a. RAR compressed file

Step three: click on the file with the WinRAR to open it, press the right mouse button, select the pop-up menu in the“sort mode”, whatever you choose which one of them, as long as the compressed file in the MP3 file(or JPG file)to this RAR file to the front of the can. Finally, the generated compression file in the file name suffix instead. MP3(或 .JPG).

Tricks II

The need to hide the files with WinRAR packaged compressed into a RAR file, and then prepare a GIF format of the picture, if you don't have it, you can use picture software to convert the picture format. Next, using a support 1 of 6 hexadecimal file editor, such as UltraEdit 3 2. The Our aim is to be the RAR file hidden in a GIF file. When others click on this GIF file to see when will be a Web image, so it can be classified to hide. If you want to see where the secret, you can put a disguise after the GIF file was renamed RAR file, click on it will launch WinRAR, you can see hidden inside the file.

Special note: don't do the smart to want to hide the RAR file plus a password to access, otherwise not be able to hide successfully, running to hide after the GIF file is not displayed correctly picture, renamed the RAR file after cannot use WinRAR to open it.

The first step: get ready for a GIF file, it is recommended you choose this GIF file is not too small, otherwise join the RAR files after the volume becomes large, a pixel is less of a GIF file, the file size is very large, it will cause others doubt.

Second step: with UltraEdit 3 2 open that contain confidential files of the RAR file, then you will see the file 1 6-ary code, press Ctrl+A selected the entire RAR file of code, press Ctrl+C keys to copy the code.

Third step: with UltraEdit 3 2 Open the GIF file, press the Ctrl+End key came to a GIF file the code in the finally, as shown in Figure 2, in the penultimate paragraph 2 a hexadecimal number, press the Ctrl+V keys to insert the just copied the RAR file of the code. Click on the“File”Menu“Save”, put the GIF files and RAR files together.