ZV new PHP word Trojan client GUI version(Include use)-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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ZV new PHP word Trojan client GUI version(Include use) by the dedication of my life[F. S. T]


1. Speaking of to write this stuff, I was watching the ZV significantly of a on the word Trojan of update thoughts on this article, I'll wait for such a rookie use up really very troublesome, so it is with this tool. Tool written garbage, and some features not implemented, and cannot afford. Willing to use with it, the master can drift too.

Original article address: <http://my.opera.com/zvrop/blog/show.dml/394634> Firefox reprint address: <http://wrsky.com/read.php?tid=5817>

2. To generate the log. htm is returned from the server to the result file. 3. the bug is pretty much if for everybody there is so little available we will make do with it. In the realization of the function of the time needed permissions, otherwise some function will not take it.

Program with ASProtect plus housing

Md5 checksum value: c5a4a2931beaa93184a4a03c16e106f9 ZV 新型 PHP 一句话 木马 客户端 GUI 版 .EXE Download address:! [](http://www.huaidan.org/blog/styles/default/images/icon_file.gif) zv-wm.rar