Social engineering of the applications-helped MM get back stolen the QQ-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Came home from work the Laundry..MM called and cried and said QQ I must put the QQ don't How for sure..just say I look at the..and then the Laundry went..then glanced at the..hacking person on the line..look at the so long social engineering of also come in handy.. The following is my and hacking's chat record screenshot..where"& amp;★︴Star★"is my another number..Kang is my friend's is hacking in on

! Press this opens in new window pictures

! Press this opens in new window pictures

Wherein the account balance:50QQ coin is I modified a the time didn't come and how to change..very fake..estimated a lot of people can see it..who knows that SB turned out also believed,,I hypothesis I rushed 5 0..he also wanted to punch 1 0 0..than I am greedy... ! Press this opens in new window pictures To this point of time..I've got the password and modify off...the termination of the dialogue ! Press this opens in new window pictures

This in fact is a fishing program..I am in my BLOG also made the.. Later the pirates are landing, I sent to his site..

The beginning of the so-called"Red QQ coins"..I go backstage to see..two QQ and password. Look at the following information is Jilin..estimation is the hacking that I information.. ! Press this opens in new window pictures

Then with his password..guess your friends password..guess password for wangpeng52 his own password. Lowercase..ha

Immediately change the password..and then put his password is also changed..on the QQ changed his profile sort of gives a warning...

Summary:The use of a stolen Number's greedy..use QQ coins to tempt him..and he also two numbers are the punch..ha results of the two number is I to stolen. Luck better.