The history of the easiest Windows password reset method-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Forgot Windows login password? On the Internet about solution are numerous, but after trying you will find that many methods are simply not effective, and some may even cause the system to collapse completely. By the author in Windows 2 0 0 0 and Windows XP in the repeated research and testing, finally discovered a very simple method, and the tried and true, the specific operation method is as follows.

First to http://www. coollan. net/download/sfcfiles. dll download sfcfiles. the dll file. Then use the DOS boot disk to start the computer.

If the Windows system partition where the file format is NTFS, the DOS system can not be directly identified, we can use Windows PE CD to start the computer. Windows PE is to use an app called Pebuilder freeware made into the XP disc, the disc can start the computer in Windows XP state with the hard disk to start the XP with a slight difference. The disc file size is only 1 0 0 more MB, can read and write FAT32/NTFS format the partition, you can access the network, and also has a graphical interface, it is suitable as a system after the collapse of an emergency platform. For the optical disc manufacturing method can refer to the online instructions, the process is very simple.

Next into the system32 folder of Windows XP with Windows 2 0 0 0 the system32 folder location, respectively, for\\WINDOWS\\system32 and\ \ \WINNT\\system32 to system32 folder within the sfcfiles. dll file is renamed sfcfiles. lld, then download the sfcfiles. dll file copy to system32.

Then restart the PC, the system log prior will pop up a window as shown in Figure 1, and click on the“Details”button, in the event of Figure 2 shown in the window, select the“Administrator”user, and finally click on the“Set password”button to reset the super user password. Next you can use the new password to the normal login system.


Figure 1


Figure 2

Password cracking, naturally do not want after each boot appears in Figure 1 shown in a window, the solution is simple: in Figure 1 removed at DreamPack front of the hook, the system will prompt whether to“Uninstall DreamPack”, select the“OK”button.