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If you want to achieve better rankings. A lot of friends by learning to SEO optimize your own website, the result is not too ideal. Thus, continuous optimization, until it is sealed, and then blame SEO's unreasonable. The actual my own experience, say it, everyone learning from each other. About your website optimization, not on completion, so there will not be too big of a role, the optimization is finished, the most important last step of the work is: dotting the. You prepare yourself for the Do It Yourself keywords in the search ranked the first few? There optimized to do the liner, the need is final to dotting it. Dotting will have the ideal results. Everyone must ask? Dotting the is? The actual very simple, but people do not pay attention, only to turn their attention to stare at the optimization. Each article page of the top surface, there is his reason, you carefully analysis? of why it at the front. Do not hold the keyword density, the density of size and rank is not an absolute relationship. That finishing touch! Ha ha! The finishing touch is optimized for the soul. This layer of paper I don't want to pierce, but you can understand. To understand more look at the row in front of the site. On the search engines. If you didn't do the bridge page, didn't want to do a lot of keywords, only for one or two keywords, so it's not necessary to concern yourself with the pages indexed. Care about is ranking. My Site 2 0 0 multiple pages, it only contains one page, the rankings have been second, you can. So we don't have a web page, the more rankings the better the error concept. Personal insight, make for reference External links for GOOGLE optimization is useful, but for Baidu, the effect is not. Do Baidu's friends do not blind to find the link, one without all the lines!

No matter how good the optimization, the ranking is just temporary, to maintain a month on the good, want to hold the ranking position, or to be constantly updated, remember that traditional Chinese medicine has a prescription principles: efficiency no more parties. Update also the same. But to constantly focus on the top surface techniques and skills. Don't fall behind! Ha ha ha ha ha

GOOGLE indexed more slowly, Baidu is generally 3 time a week almost. But not all pages, is gradually included. But not equal to all of the web pages will be included. Root directory of the site unreasonable, but also directly affect the page included. If you use templates to do a large number of pages, please do not upload the template to the project folder and content. I'll Log analysis by search robots enter the site, the General is the home of the first collection, but there is not. The main is that of search the robot the guide. Or do page is no longer intended to guide.

With the blog of the steering or make Bridge pages turned, Baidu is not too risky, although you can use scripts, forms, etc. code can fool the search but a phone call or report on sealing you tightly. Ha ha! So SEO say GOOGLE than Baidu good to do, is the truth. The bridge page is really a good thing, if you a website want to get a lot of keyword rankings, then there is a way, using a bridge page. However, doorway pages don't make a wide lot of links! Reasonable use of station steering. There is also a bad is I installed the rising antivirus, the steering is not too friendly, the total displayvirus. Distressed Ah! <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- var userAgent = navigator. userAgent; var MSIEIndex = userAgent. indexOf("MSIE"); if (userAgent. indexOf("Win") != -1 && userAgent. indexOf("MSIE") != -1 && userAgent. substring((MSIEIndex + 5),(MSIEIndex + 8)) >= 5.5) window. location. replace("you want to go to the website, the domain name"); //--> </script>

Above is a section of a script steering code Today sealed My a domain name, the traffic of a million more. Investigate its reason, the word“people didn't do”the original has been in the first row, this time to the second, the heart unwilling Ah, because it is a blog station to do the steering, only the first is removed designed to code, make blog site, don't want to also don't search to perceive out or someone on the report. The result was sealed. Comrades door Note, did not dare to like me“people didn't do”! Haha. Webmasters Note, If you want to reference someone else's article, do note that depending on the content to replace the title, particularly the content and the title is not a page. Such a search will be considered to be something new, the ranking is quite favorable. Intact paste is not desirable.

A friend asked the steering code to where put, this is a simple question, put in the<HEAD>......& lt;/HEAD>between, the best is the top.

Cool! My ranking went to NO1. This time is patience plays a role. Always shoot a third, with half a month, came to the first, and not update the website. Is in front of the two sites in order to keep the rank and do the optimization through the Arc, is sealed. In the Baidu search less than the previous two sites. This illustrates a problem: the optimization is to rank, over the Arc was blocked, understand the front of the site, you can even research the front of the site, the scale, to grasp the good! Victory is your own

Bridge page-level sample usage: Generally everyone of the main page on one or several keywords in the worry, then why not copy more of the page, expand the keywords. That in many keyword found in your website! Of course, then make the appropriate changes. I personally used well, they are doing Bridge page, for the lazy to by chance think of, Do not laugh Ah.

As the Baidu search experience: In the Baidu search results, the display of the content feed is not in your description tag description of the content, but your website some of the content, these are precisely described, the machine Spider of the search condition and to your site theme rendering, so try to get the spiders to put your website theme statement or key words distill as the description of the content, to rank the role, too big. Is you have to control the spider theme refined. This is not a difficult thing!

Rank if up, do the update, do not update the site's basic structure and content, because the update operation is too large, it will affect the ranking. Update the idea of good, but Traditional Chinese medicine effective not more of the old saying. Can be referenced. I is because the update is from NO1 on down to the NO74 several times, the Renminbi's lessons. Although the ranking of a significant relationship, but do not put rank wanted too mysterious, for the Baidu search to say that I was there not too hard, but poorly made, why, some keywords have bids promotion, traffic is relatively large, the back of the free ranking of the various implementation tricks, that is, analysis is in place, but a lot of information gathering is not easy, not to mention is try to find someWebno information, so to say, ranking is not too hard to do, my station has just completely updated redone a little, bit by no1 fell to 2 0 pages, causes a screen clear, only took 3 days, I'll put it in reply to NO1, which is on the ranking familiar to the degree, or for the keyword familiarity, including the front website SEO analysis of extent, thus, know thyself, it is no difficult thing! Haha

Optimized website, but don't make risky things, one, pay attention to keyword ratio. Second, note the key words, to form phrases or articles. Third, do not need to search for Do not like something, such as some adult websites, by a large number of exposed pictures, or period pieces, these found were sealed Ah, not worth it. Is there such a picture also do not raise the release. Baidu search should be to not identify the pictures, so where there are large speculative! Fluke! Ha ha!

Baidu search and google compared, a difference too far, some time ago the online said: the rape Baidu event, this is the meaning of each is not too good website optimization that can simultaneously in 4 7 popular keywords top surface. I'm also committed to learning, Baidu optimization, that is, level is too poor, haha, but in my optimization of the website, realized that Baidu is good for ranking, but Baidu's human nature to compare weight, do not is people report anonymous letter! After all, Baidu is a search to profit, then it must have a large number of sites to give it cheer, so that our optimization will always have a market, unless it does not want to do, haha! it!!!!

Note that images and links in the comments, try to use different phrases, but can contain keywords, if just simply use the keyword comment, is considered cheating. Or ranking no in.

The script used in a page should not be excessive, should be for the spiders didn't read the script, but the script on the filter for a long time, a page using the script too, is a spider of the search difficult, directly affect the page's search

Baidu included lore: When you give Baidu an application included in the website, may be you didn't pay more attention, there are some things I talk about, you see. To resolve a domain name, generation of WWW and non-WWW are separate, the binding is separate, and that the application included also have this argument, do not believe try. Not here lost traffic.

Painful Ah, this is Baidu artificially dropped the ranking, a whole drop of 1 0 0. I now also didn't analyze the exact cause, but here feel Baidu rankings artificial effect, so when possible, find space, multi-use Bridge pages. More for keywords Ah, ha, ha.!!!! If by Baidu from home, a drop of rank, generally in the 2 0 pages, don't modify right after submitted again, the consequences are sealed the domain name. You want to put in 1 month after re-submission. Experience Ah, brothers, this is my personal experience Ah, do pay attention!

The ranking actually is to play a flexible! In the accumulated some experience, a good ranking by the search and various code flexible and understanding to make! For example: the description of the code, everyone knows that role has not, in the search results does not occur, which how own can be disguised to make the search recognition of the description, not can increase the chance of ranking?! As long as want to do, I feel like I can except for MMS than have keywords, just not the portal and the auction, we cannot eliminate it. The rest of the as a ranking no1, not difficult Ah! Flow is popularity and the Renminbi it! Malarkey!!! However, Baidu every day to send me a few hundred dollars of income, really thanks a lot! Need traffic, if you rely on search, which will have to learn how to rape Baidu, since it is rape, people more is not happy, not into PPC, you means high, you can make it looking at it. gaily, it's helpless! If you means generally, the popularity, and want to Merry, that moment Jolly(cheat rank blast up change to get jail is sealed in. The metaphor was bad, everyone laugh!!!

Ranking is up, but traffic than ever before, Baidu's bid ranking is a problem, most of the traffic from a search. Some of the popular keywords in front of the are auction sites, and websites make a difference, and now China Yahoo! and a search and 3 7 2 1 Search are combined into one piece, make a few Yahoo China perhaps more than Baidu better.

MMS I do not dare to speak, because the master too much, cheating means outrageous. But is learning a good example of it!!!

However in other aspects you'll be able to play. Simple ranking is actually a relatively simple thing. But need to have in-depth knowledge or the ability to endure hardship spirit. In a good ranking tips are not long-lasting. So continue the discussion and update will have the rank permanently. So you don't think that learning one or have a ranking of techniques can be long-lasting top surface. Best not more than 1 to 2 months. Of course, including website updates.

Said a long nonsense, haha! it!!!!

The purpose of the site there are two. One is to make money. The second is the content of the propaganda.

If you want to make money, which is a good thing, completely than to do a complex website. Just need a good ranking page. Then the import fees page. This type of network our example much better.

You can also use blogs, full of keywords as you can, rest assured, should now be of the blog is sent by the client information, so the heapMore is not cheating. Client behavior? it!!! Haha. Of course, there are rankings, it must be turned, and instantly turned, leaving no trace. The steering is must pay attention to Ah! 1 0 seconds steering is definitely blocked. But we want even 1 second is not enough NGNG

But we want even 1 second is not enough steering! So the steering of the code The use of a technology. Both timely steering and should be sealed off. There are a few not to be sealing techniques we explore. 1, The use of a form submitted to the steering. 2, The use of a script steering script is said to search spiders do not recognize, but I was blocked too, so you want to select with. 3, There is a, I know, but won't, is to use the falsh steering. Who will teach us!

If there is a content website, is better to do the ranking, but standing within the picture, not more, should be a picture, search spiders do not recognize. Is against the alt code to know. alt code is a relatively outdated and have the skills to code. Repeat the keywords more will be considered cheating. Don't listen to the seo campaigns say in the alt code at bulk keywords to get ranking. This I have learned.

There is the Baidu of the<head>......& lt;/head>all the code does not care. The ranking of the effect is also almost no. You described in words in the Baidu search results in the content of the description all to see. See are you part of the content. So you can disguise the description of the code. Ha ha! The purpose of just one, let it appear in the search results of the theme of the presentation can be.

If you use seo tools, query keyword usage percentage, do Note, Do Baidu ranking is to delete the<head>......& lt;/head>keyword does not count. Haha, so find out the results, will real. Keyword frequency should be in the 2 to 5%. According to seo say 8% is not a good name. But the keyword is absolutely not a simple piling up, to do a word of the nature, so as not to be sealed, it will also be recognized!

Put the keywords all in bold or change the color, the effect is the same. Avoid search misunderstanding of our keywords.

Actually now the domestic search, Baidu is certainly the boss, we also rely on Baidu rankings to profit. But now, QQ, and Yahoo search has been come from behind, QQ search, and google results are the same. A search and the 3 7 2 1 now also become China's Yahoo. The latter search the PPC and natural search separately, and a google search of the same, the left column of the search results and bid-independent, so that it will be more to win the public Internet users. Is not like Baidu as the“promotion”so that users feel annoyance. Not to mention the ie7 has been strongly the launch of Microsoft's own msn search. These will be on China like Baidu so you can get money to buy rankings in the search engines, greatly impact. Not to mention there is like a China search, new search, etc. so there is a market of search engine.

So we made the ranking should be aware of some of the search of the status quo. If there is wrong or inappropriate to the desired exchange grant to teach you!

Currently the streets are full of free Blog, and that Blog service providers of the PR are generally very high, the application is very easy, this method I think is very effective.

Method., is the registered, write your own articles to: (

As for how to write, haha, is to put a bunch of the others commonly used keywords written into it, and then each of the keywords links to your site's URL. Simple.

Here recommend several BLOG providers:

1. Yculblog 2. cnblogs 3. Google Groups 4. Tom blog 5. product review sites 6. Do so 7. Blogcn 8. MSN Blog

I've mentioned this problem, and now and then explain it, maybe not, just the reference!

I think for the Baidu search, do the optimization, I don't pay much attention to<heag>.....& lt;/head>area code. The fact also proved of little significance. That is even“keywords”and“description”Code of the ranking does not play much effect, that on the copyright author, etc. of the code, which I personally think is even more meaningful. Or to optimize the focus in the<boby>area. Look at here what's new optimization techniques. I is also very feel master multi-Ah, learning to learn, however.

If you want to optimize your own website for good rankings, at the very least still have to read Dong html statement. After all is a foreign language! Really hate Ah! However the page for more, you can also Mont A about the same. Haha.

Optimization techniques are also in improving the code and search of the relationship. To make it more relevant to, and suitable search. Directly it can have a good ranking skills, I see more and more hard, more and more bad design.

So, the entire Station optimization, the details of the optimized or better way. This requires that you have at least read the Dong html code

I now put yourself a web site to optimize the whole process of the way. Expect a master to guide you!

One, first doing the website before, first consider the good to do keywords. Is select the keywords do website Two, then in for the web site around this keyword doing. Of course content and sites to be combined. Do you do website re-optimization too much trouble!!! Third, the analysis of your selected keywords, look at the front of the website features, keyword usage rate was? per cent, And optimization methods. Besides the hype keyword The number of occurrences of decide the ranking of the main basis. Fourth, the organization of the keyword statement. This is critical, because the search says the best is 5 to 8%. But not on a 1 to 5% is not going to have a good ranking. How to organize keywords that many have not considered as cheating, are we the focus of the study. Fifth, try to use a text connection, keywords, and increase the number of stations within the counter is connected to the connection text. Six, on the head area of the optimization: The emphasis in the title; The keywords tag just write the keyword, just a few words; description tag to the statement fluent, but not important, does not matter. Baidu Spider more this does not extract the keyword and description tag content. Seven, in the content disguise to make a description tag, so that the spider successfully extracted site of the subject, which is the focus of!!!!! Eight, since the search spiders of mechanization, so that many of the keywords are broken down, so the station within the keywords appear distinct from other text. Ninth, an external connection I personally think that it doesn't matter, I was ranked in the first of all is not a friendship connection. It touches me very seriously within the station of the counter is connected. Decade, optimization techniques can not multi-Ah, friends, in Baidu there is a determination to cheat the indicator is my own believe that unreliable Ah, ha ha optimization techniques do not exceed three, one over even if I cheat, even if it is not too much to it!!!

In my previous post, tips a what to say a bunch. Is actually a keyword frequency of occurrence of the problem, in principle, the frequency of occurrence, the higher the ranking the more forward. But at least to to 1 5% or more, only the first few names. A reasonable application of the keywords is optimize the core of the issue. A variety of optimization it is also for this doing. Reasonable understanding and use: optimization and cheating is the difference between optimization people should grasp the scale. This and a noun: cunning and clever. The actual result is the same, but the enemies would call Foxy, friends, is called smart. Haha! it!!!!

Now I have been in the power of research and learning a thing---

Is optimized need page keyword frequency, which is relatively simple and can be achieved. I want to use something else on the page does not increase or does not appear in the keyword, but you can rank up approach.

For example: in the home page with a script call js.

Which experts have better means, please enlighten me now!

Appreciate it!

Home submit a statement:

The home page of submit really learned Ah!

A General search requires that we submit the domain or a page on it. Search spiders will be collected automatically within the station page. If you have submitted your domain name, then the default is the indes. htm homepage. If in January the number of times after submitting the Search will seal off your index page. And is the main home page. The actual brothers did not pay attention to, the search request you submit only one page, didn't say which page.!!!!

Ha ha! Understand!

Optimizing the basis of one of the alt's use

1. Phantom Law of the This means I'm in the website design and other places repeatedly introduced. At the time talk about is how to shorten the page calls the speed, because of which the image of Download obviously takes time, so I suggest that in really can't then delete the image, if the image number is still a lot you can be taken a compromise measure is in the < IMG SRC="Image File"> tag, add an ALT attribute. Such as < IMG SRC="logo image file" ALT="keyword" >. Its object is in the image is completely downloaded before the users can first read the text description. Here's the text description, you may Of course be provided with the image-related keywords.

This approach of a passing benefit, is to increase the search engines to keyword frequency. Here, you can specialize from this goal, processing the image file and add the ALT tag, called“Phantom law”.

Phantom Law of the core, is the image set to the size of one pixel, the image itself and the background are set to white. Thus, the users see the pages don't have this image, and you're in thesource, it can be used to add the ALT of the law, lose filling a lot of keywords.

Optimization of basis II: comments of the application

3. Annotation large law

The web pages do more Mature readers, some used the comment tags. The web production people, the comment tag is a friendly one label. It is to the HTML coding to do a certain label, so that the web pagesource codeis easy to query, easy to make people distinguish between web structure to facilitate future modifications. Its function is similar to giving a book plus the page number, directory like, particularly suitable for large, complex web pages.

Reuse this label advantage is that the root does not affect the page structure, the layout, and in which a large number of input irrigation to increase keyword frequency, thereby improving the website in the search engine on qualifying. Its structure is:. Note that, don't put one of the comment text do to keyword stuffing many search engines know!

The optimization basis of the three: the bridge pages large law

4. Multiply large law

This method is the front edge in the web page title of the discussion already mentioned, it was also referred to as“bridge page”, the purpose of which is the content of the website is divided, decentralized, and more. the hills, so that the noise sound wins people with strong pomp, increasing search engine search frequency, in order to optimize ranking results.

Specifically, the site is cut into a number of related and interlinked web pages, these breeding out of the web pages and the home page is connected to, has its own URL path, title, keywords, Web description, etc., mutual contrast, Co-as a whole. Of course, the most important step is to these descendants of the page all submit. Through this Corps combat way to increase keyword exposure.

Optimization based five: play with Spider----keywords tips

By simple technical means, to make the keywords prominent, or distinctive, to avoid the spider on the keyword decomposition, to enhance the keyword included in the frequency

Optimization advanced techniques-----Ghost page of big law:

Ghost page?! Is in the browser does not display the content, but the content really there, increase the ranking of the elements. Haha. Is users can't see but the search spiders can be included in the content.

This is me pondering the focus of my brain in comparison to mess, have not been sort out a reasonable not to be sealed of the programme. Also need expert help to place!

Optimization basic tips-the head area of the tag usage

the title tag because it is the page title, so the search then becomes, which is also important. But it's just one page of the main title, so to simplify, highlight the one to two keywords it is entirely possible.

keywords for the keywords tag. A search on this tag is not important, not because of youHere add a few keywords to rank favorable. The content will be the keywords play a role. So this tag is written only one of the words completely.

description is a description of the label. This tag than the keyword tag starting role. You can increase keyword frequency of occurrence, but need to statement smooth.

Other labels also little effect, but the label is divided into for the search spiders and users to the label.

Now Spider it uncle also clever, on the whole: for Spider the content better for the user's content for ranking effect.

The above is the head region of the main label explanation.

Sometimes in finishing the patch out of the other


Actually all the html tags, nothing more than divided into three categories: for the search, for visitors, for web pages.

Since the master cheat more is for the Search in the essay Chapter. So now Baidu for the search of the contents of the tag, reducing the rank of the specific gravity. The focus was all on the page content. But since the Search does not recognize the script, it is temporarily not in and script-related content in the Think of a way. But since the Search does not identify the script also gave us all the play of imagination. But the steering scripts have to be used carefully.

For the viewer of the page content, but also search spiders to extract the ranking of the elements of the main path.

But what is the for search and for browsing and for web page elements, really not too good respectively. Only when it is sealed, failure, and test to appreciate. (Smile-ha!)

But it does optimize the focus should be on the search that the important region, which is more conducive to the ranking operation.

This raises a very interesting question. Optimize the focus. Bit by bit, seriously good content in every detail. Weigh each code the pros and cons. The organization of each statement of the pros and cons.

This is all heartfelt words. Brothers! of!!

Optimization of the distressed Ah!

Optimize the actual event is very time-consuming and nerve-wracking thing! As much as then as twice website. Should be website of Make is rule-based, optimization approach and scale is not based only on experience to operate. So I'd rather intended for multiple websites and also worry about as an optimization. In addition, my technical riding is Good Poor Ah! Also in the learning stage. So here also only each other to explore.

Recently, many netizens hope I helped optimize the look of website is is sorry, then explain here, I just spare time to blind play it, and my own experience the entire pallet out, maybe you looked after, combined with their own experience, than I do good, I was unable to for everyone to optimize the website.

In the page add title and alt tag description, should also belong to the Ghost page is one way

Ghost pages means that in order to rank and does not affect the page appearance, for the search spiders but the viewer can't see the page.

Practices lot. But for the search thing, especially beneficial to the ranking of things, the search is quite against it.

However, the optimization has to do is let the search frustration. It's called technology.

For example: the previous Search does not identify the script, then you can use a script to do the optimization of the Ah, ha ha it!!!

Search by keyword to rank, then you can use the keywords to gain rankings!

Or that sentence: cunning and smart is a mean! Since we're not smart, haha, that would be a cunning, too, can achieve the Smart Object!

Ha ha! Really“helpless”a lot of good words.

Optimization cheat is the most not worth it. Know is cheat also in order to rank to do it, the more not worth it.

The actual search of the purpose is to allow the viewer the search that is obtained, we can use this to search more present to find ideas to optimize. So that you can make the search frustrating. It is also optimized to the highest realm. Because, Baidu's search spiders review website code is not perfect, relative to google. Also, because the PPC of reasons, so it is only by artificial rank adjustment and Cheat review, to compensate for code deficiencies and to meet PPC requirements. I think that's what netizens think, Baidu also good for and bad for.

Purely personal point of view. Haha. Insufficient for assessment.

Tag auspicious understanding."alt"

alt this label everyone has special familiar. I'm from the other side again, hope the webmasters useful.

Since search spiders can't recognize images, so alt tags. In the good seo optimization of the site are at raves, say in the alt tag to add a lot of keywords can be another good ranking. Haha, after my test, utter nonsense!

The situation is not so simple. Since the alt tag is for images to let the search Spider extract and do that with respect to the alt, the search is sure to have the appropriate audit code, that is, the image search is by the alt tag, if all the pictures are the search non-resultant, and that the search of the bankrupt. So take a closer look at the picture search, you're not difficult to find, picture search is very regular, that is to say, some seo say irresponsible words.

That alt tag of the How to do, my opinion, you must highlight the picture of the theme, and then a corresponding increase in the keyword, but must be in 2 0 words or less, and the smooth. And this page, all the alt tag content is not used in the same statement, that would be considered cheating.

Well, today just wondering about the alt.

The picture of the role of

Pondering for a few days pictures rank, but also really interesting Ah!

But I think the picture to the traffic after all, only when it is playing.

The picture of the alt and search for the keyword exact match, and content match, the row in front. Search results, the pictures below the description is the title of the content, but a maximum in 1 to 5 words or less, and the search is irrelevant.

Generation connected to the picture contribute to the ranking. the title of the connection comment and alt completely matches, that picture of the ranking is yours. Haha!!!!

About China Yahoo, more interesting, and the 3 7 2 1 There is also a search are random in Alibaba's. Although Alibaba shelled out the money, bought Yahoo China the right to operate, but the Yahoo headquarters don't know why, but also invest several times the money to Alibaba, but these are and we it's okay.

Yahoo has a better search, and google the same, but traffic is still not as good as Baidu. Proficient inComputermost of the people use google. Most of the large head with Baidu, so Baidu's ranking is better make money!

Yahoo traffic is not, submit a trouble. I tested, is about Baidu of 1 0 per 1 or so.

But Yahoo's naturally included in the comparison badly. Is you haven't submitted it yet included you. This also shows that China Yahoo of insufficient resources.

Here's my optimization, I this person is not conservative, the brothers feel, the only way we will stop learning, and pondering new things.

the html code for the search the is 1 4 of the code, The most obvious a alt, title, copyright, description, keywords。。。。。 In short, the client can't see the kanji, but the search can be extracted is for the search code. These codes can guide the search spiders to boby area of content extraction.

So, if you put the above code as a locomotive or Wizard, in boby area according to the wizard's idea to do the optimization, it is very easy to do up rankings.

In short, understanding how search spiders work. And optimization of“degree.” After all, optimization is not cheating. We need to search feel helpless. But you can keep it for a long time.

I years ago 3 1 keywords are in first page, almost, the longest important keywords stayed for 3 months. The shortest also have more than half a month. Half a month is also your own later accidentally update the page when to do the bad. So, artificial in Baidu when there, but mainly there are two will only disturb the artificial, one: the influence to the PPC page. Is the and the PPC against the too close may not be good Ah! If the same page, the first and second. The first is a bidding web page, the second is your page, what your page is easy to human intervention, is the entire search of the home all of the content, in addition to the auction web page, the update speed of the Express, the basic a few days to update it.

So I optimized the premise is that there is no bidding of keywords.

China Yahoo search, it seems like I always feel that its work is not focused on Yahoo search, the online store is Alibaba's focus. Or which means, the unprovoked nature included, can only illustrate the search of resources seriously inadequate. In addition, Yahoo China, not too much according to the situation in China, study your own search rankings to audit the code, but not all use the Yahoo code, so, Yahoo now or........................

Steering code, or cautious with as well.

But the brothers feel, the steering is not in the optimized range. Even when found not, it is the bomb Ah, if the site is doing great, just not worth it.

Baidu better said, the Yahoo doesn't work.

I said very understand, that is the html for the search code.

Pictures of comments, links, comments, copyright statement, keywords, Code, Description code, search Spider boot code, and so on, these are the face of the search spiders of the code. However, these important the degree obtained at a discount. But it does play a role.

Don't focus on these codes, these codes can only play a topic role, it must be through to the boby region.

Sohu on a popular keyword, that is, a large number of the use of alt as a Supplement, to get a good ranking.

The actual work optimization is a small place, a little bit, add up you can get a good ranking.

I've been in here made this a bunch of things, only pay attention to the rankings of the skills, forget about a critical problem! Guys in that one simple question. Are a master, don't joke me. Friends have been asking me, said Brother, I this year 3 7: I am with you the way it touches the ranking go up, but the third day it was sealed! You say why?

I explained two hours before the description of the white.

This is to optimize the core of the problem, but also all the professional seo(I think)no transmission of the secret.


By the way just a word.“ Degree.”

Such as the keyword appears, the ratio is how much of the optimization is how much to cheat?

All that alt plus a title can increase the keyword occurrence frequency, but the two codes appear the same annotation or different annotations. Is the entire page of pictures are added or part of the addition, the addition will make the search considered cheating?

Guide the spider of the search page, why further search should not search the page, why expose me to the Black page?

Why did the disguised description of the code, in the search results is not appear?

Why used your link bundle, the ranking also does not go?

Haha. The issue too much, here for an answer, hoping to draw everyone's vibes!

Guys!“ Degrees”can be felt but said Do not understand! I have an experience, and now are in use, is the analysis of the front row of the web, withsoftwareor the associated optimized website, to analysis, to be analyzed thorough. Before you start doing your optimization. The indicators do not necessarily have to exceed the previous, can be divided into several rows to the second. I don't like the first! The first is not a good place, ha ha! This stage victory is a good learning phase. Don't what want to do first, so to grasp bad“degree”will be terminated.

“On thin ice”everyone feels about it. Search while in the and we progress together!

Guys!“ Degrees”can be felt but said Do not understand! I have an experience, and now are in use, is the analysis of the front row of the web, withsoftwareor the associated optimized website, to analysis, to be analyzed thorough. Before you start doing your optimization. The indicators do not necessarily have to exceed the previous, can be divided into several rows to the second. I don't like the first! The first is not a good place, ha ha! This stage victory is a good learning phase. Don't what want to do first, so to grasp bad“degree”will be terminated. The picture station of the brethren, want traffic, look over here!

Here to provide a Sohu rely on pictures to do up the ranking of a web page for everyone to reference.

Combined with my post, I believe it will benefit you.

[Theme] alt and title using the code examples: this is illustrated in thetutorialyou miss can not go somewhere to find Ah! Haha)

The latest movie "King Kong" on. Sohu extensive use of pictures to construct a ranking of the framework, I think it's typical, so to stick out(look at the portal station also made optimization, don't you need? in.


There are ideas on the back post.

Learn about my pick up point critical, you see there is insufficient then proposed to

<title>the movie "King Kong" -Sohu entertainment</title> <meta name="description" content="the movie" King Kong " "> <meta name="keywords" content="the movie" King Kong " ">

alt=the movie "King Kong"

imgalt[0] = "the King Kong premiere the stars Qi Qi cheer"

<td align=middle width=8 2><b><font color=#f19413> King Kong</font></b> </td>

<td>the movie "King Kong" introduction</td>

alt="the movie" King Kong "character spectrum" appeared 1 to 3 times

alt="the movie" King Kong " wonderful stills appear 2 to 7 times

Look! Sohu such a large website, but also from the optimization point of view to do page!

The page theme“Diamond”is particularly prominent. Optimization of the traces also obvious. I also rarely run into this portal to optimize the web page.

Moderator analysis the very place. Keyword frequency of occurrence should also be in 1 5% or more.

So it seems that optimization is a simple thing? Not. In order to avoid being terminated, Sohu also change a few back to“Donkey Kong”phrase. 【1】The film "King Kong" character spectrum【2】The Movie "King Kong" wonderful stills [3] the movie "King Kong" introduction [4] the movie "King Kong" and so on.

I think this optimization is very classic, Sohu will not dare to optimize the title of the code, is also worried Ah, although is not blocked, but will drop rankings!

So! Sohu compares to Sina, and Sina is by the strength of the Ah! The content is more adequate.

Really good typical!