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C32Asm V0. 4. 1 2 C32Asm is set reverse assemble, 1 6 hex tools, Hiew modify the features and integration <>

PE Explorer 1.98 Powerful resource tool, can directly Browse and modify the software resources, including menus, dialog boxes, string tables, etc.; in addition, also equipped with W32DASM software decompile capacity and PEditor software PE file header editing function; the software supports plug-ins. <>

peid 0.94 Now software more and more packers, to crack to bring very big inconvenience, with this software can detect the common variety of housing, very convenient. 2005/10/5 <>

OllyDbg v1. 1 A new dynamic tracing tool, IDA with the combination of thoughts, Ring 3 level Debugger, very easy to use, has instead of SoftICE become today's most popular debugging decryption tool. Highly recommended! 1. cao_cong fixed some localization errors. 2. For Ollydbg to increase binary replication/binary paste function, the corresponding shortcut is: Ctrl+Shift+C binary copy Ctrl+Shift+V binary paste 2006.2.8 <>

NsPack. V3. 6 cracked version(Beidou program plus shell latest cracked version) <> decompression password:1 2 3

Feature code locator CCL v2. 8v2. 8 Increased non-PE file features code positioning function other can locate ASPTrojancharacteristic code, etc. <>

UltraEdit-3 2 (Edit tool) V12. 0 0 Chinese green enhanced special edition UltraEdit is able to meet all your editing needs editor. UltraEdit is a powerful text editor, can edit text, hexadecimal, ASCII, can replace the Notepad, the built-English words to check, C++ and VB Directive highlighted, can edit multiple files, and even open very large files the speed also not slow. The software is attached with HTML tag color display, search replace, and unlimited restore functionality, in General everyone likes to use it to modify the EXE or DLL file. Characteristics: v12. 0 0 - Perl-compatible regular expressions/real Unix - style regular expressions-FTP/SFTP - the FTP account in the file tree view display and access - FTP settings may now be located in the user-defined file - can be connected to the local folder and remote folder and in the remoteserverand the local system between the upload/download of files - find/replace optimization - improved UNICODE support - dialogs fully UNICODE support - highlight all found strings - the user tool and program tool are increased to 2 5 - new macro commands: - IfFTP check whether the file is FTP File - IfCharGt check whether the character is greater than the value - *IfColNumGt check the column number is greater than the value of the - user tool and program tool new improved dialog box N - improved (built at another site) spelling support - code folding support for ignore strings and comment strings - optimized for UltraCompare Professional supports includes three-by-side comparison - in UltraEdit file tree view right click to compare - change the user profile when all of the menus and toolbars together with the switching UltraEdit-3 2(Edit tool) V12. 0 0 Chinese green enhanced special edition Description: 1, Using the Ultraedit 12.00 b official English version 2, No bundle. 3, After the installation has been registered. If you want to separately register, please delete the installation directory of uedit32. the reg file. 4, the UltraCompare to use a professional registered version. If you want to separately register, please delete the install directory under uc. the reg file. 5, The wordfile. txt has been enhanced, primarily SQL and compilation aspects of the text to be highlighted. 6, After the installation add the English dictionary. 7, uninstall more completely, the present Edition may be thoroughly delete the configuration file. 8, after the installation add the right-click menu. 9, In addition to can choose whether to add a desktop shortcut, do not create any other shortcuts. <>