Thoroughly get super star--try it!- Vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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A. Installation article 1. Installation If you previously installed a super star, please you go first in Control Panel to remove the super-star, and the installation directory deleted, and then in the registry, REGEDIT to delete the Super Stars. As follows: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware SUPERSTAR HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARESUPERSTAR Install ultra-star browser (SSR37B(1 0 1 5)), Using the default installation. With winrar click Download unzip the hack program jetdown-SSReader, copies of to the default c:program filesssreader36 directory, covering ssreader. exe and pdg2. dll these two files. Note: It is all covered.

  1. Registration Disconnect the network cable, run super-star browser, select"register"-"offline registration"-in the out of the dialog box, enter: Username: aaaaaa Registration code: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (note: to fill) Press OK, and close the super-star browser. Install network cable(be sure to be able to normal Internet), run super-star browser

At this point, the super star browser installed. You can use it to download books!

II. Search articles Even if the registration is successful,you can download it, but also not in the super-star Library of Master Station to retrieve, and, after all, is not a legitimate user, okay, the good school to provide you with an entry:* the part need to reply to view** Thanks mountain!!!

III. Download article Search to book, click on the post you can read, but cannot directly download a“download”option is grayed in. Ordinary download method: based on the retrieval of information in a super-star in the browser of the digital library to download. The problem is, the search to some of the new books in the digital library could not be found. What do I do??* ** You're done!

IV. PDF article To this step, all Super-Stars some books you can. But there are still some small problems, your next book can only be registered in the same name of the super star browser open. Considering the only computer with Internet access in order to install cracked version, you can't put the book get no Internet access on the computer to see. There are ways to turn into a PDF document! This method for the other format images, document turned into a PDF document.

First you have to install Adobe Acrobat 7.0(attention! Not Acrobat Reader) Open ultra star reader open you want to convert the books, open the toolbar | book | print, select the starting and ending page number, press OK, the Acrobat Distiller set as the printer, press OK, pop up a PDF document Save As dialog box, write the file name, select the archive path and press OK to start the conversion. The conversion is completed, the new file will open automatically. Congratulations, a present permanent PDF formats e-book done!