Forced to crack encrypted WinRAR file-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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When a very important RAR file because of forgotten password unable to decompress when you are not so abandoned it? Of course not, you can use the RAR Password Cracker this software will be encrypted RAR file crack. After installation run the program RAR Password Cracker Wizard settings, first select the“Create new project”and press“Next”, choose to crack the RAR document, then click“Add to project”such as Figure 1)。 ! next, select the hack way, which are“dictionary attack”and“brute-force attacks”, here select the latter if you have a dictionary file you can directly select“dictionary attack”it. Click“Next”to enter the dictionary production, in the“characters”in the input crack the desired character, you can through the“Add”button to select the relevant characters, as shown in Figure 2)。 !