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Today dad just bought a U disk, but no encryption function, then check the Internet the following folder encryption software, but see there are people asking how to get back has been encrypted, the software today get up to people and claiming to defense-level encryption of the“high strength folder encryption master,”and another encryption method is not the same as the“uLock” is. I This is to use a“high intensity folder encryption master 9 0 0 0 version”of the first to see the encryption type, there are three,“native encryption”,“mobile encrypt”and“hidden encryption”, where“native encryption”and“hidden encryption”and the encryption method of the same, just“hide encrypt”the folder delete the“native encryption”encryption finished with a folder replace the original folder, and hide the encryption without it. Prior to the presentation under the“mobile encryption”of the file to retrieve methods: We first encrypted a look at the password I set is 1 2 3 A Help file Computer a little card.. Look at the folders changed now to reply to the software With winrar compression and after the decompression out of the view or a direct view, the computer a little card and so on.. To see the inside of the thumbs. dn we want to file on the inside I'm sorry to from the compressed file can be come up with to Have File the now to change the suffix so the file can run If you don't see a suffix with me, please do put this Gogo to go on the line Show hidden files method is to put this 2-place the hook to a Then click OK we now to change the suffix he used the mem suffix system hide, we just used a software to save on the line the system also does not display the suffix is pif other are generally shown I use ue open。。。。。。 Since our original encrypted file is a chm now to put the suffix is changed back to the middle get a“the.” Can't go over this file came out A look at is not the same as is 229K like you can open the files in other formats follow the Do on the line Now to try the“hidden encryption”to hide the encryption & the native encryption method of the same, only the presentation to hide the encrypted files back to you. Just that the Help file is... Now to encrypt Oh the folder is gone. if it is natively encrypted, then there will be a folder to replace him.. To get back files open finaldata download address I reference in the text below I remember this version of the hidden encryption & the present machine the encrypted file is hidden in the Recycle Bin of this place, from dos. use dir /X to see with finaldata back more come on in. Check we have just encrypted a folder of that disk point determined to let him search for a while on the line, if all the search that you want more than 1 hour.... I this partition is 20G. Wait a minute, if impatient can fast-forward Almost...just encrypted when the folders where the file name is the Help file. chm now let us search See what comes out. How about this high-strength encryption, and it was our break up is the original file can be opened By the way, “high strength folder encryption master”can be used in winhex in memory to find a password directly give the correct password Due to the relatively simple and will not a demo.

Now to demonstrate another encryption method of the encryption software A little slow... I This is not a cracked plate if you can find yourself our selected high-strength encryption Is exe file instead of a folder disguise and into the Start to retrieve the file.

Just recorder error. Now start again............ It is a file Our file has been encrypted well Now with exe bundle detection machine to read out our data in our file is bundled in the ulock. exe with this software you can save is bundling the data Due to the high strength encryption of his useful zip compression I used is winrar suffix change rar or zip effect. Now unzip but unzip when you want to password This time with

Rar password Cracker: ARPR v1. 5 3. 4 8. 1 2 localization ized

RAR Password Recovery V1. 1 RC16 finished version(amended version) This 2 software on line. pick one speed is still very good.

Password cracking does not demonstrates their look at to get it very simple and the software is the finished version The file that we have just encrypted that file

Well this is the end I was freezing / Frx_ freezing mail:BlueFreezingPoint@Gmail.Com / / My software to share with the message Board address: Freezingpoint.Ys168.Com /

--------------------------------Software download address------------------------------------------- High intensity folder encryption master 9 0 0 0 Build 6 5 0 2 non-cracked version):

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Rar password Cracker: ARPR v1. 5 3. 4 8. 1 2 localization ized

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