Hacking skills: in the Real movie put Trojan horse-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Frequently encountered rm the movie plays when pop-up web pages, has been do not know how, a few days ago saw the mass of software in an article only to know the insertion and removal method, a good dongdong dare not exclusive, in the online search of the three articles, The to everyone.

In the Real movie put the Trojans in P2P software,many of the Real movie is dangerous,it's just a little trick,aided an invasion of the way, but this method is very effective, such as in the well-known A piece of communication software PP little pass, I got out of such a small horse, and two days on a 2 0 0 a broiler, and in a geometric-like growth. We don't do bad things. Use Helix Producer Plus 9 rmevents. exe to modify the movie clip information,in the specified time to open the specified window.

新建 一 个 文本 文件 rmevents.txt. Input: u 0 0:0 1:00.0 0 0:0 1:30.0 http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs I'll explain, it means that in the 0 0:0 1:00.0 0 0:0 1:30.0 this time range open the back of the URL behind the URL's We the Trojans address. Input rmevents-i movie . rm-e rmevents.txt -o The Movie 1. rm this command, the generating of the movie . rm is our Trojan file. http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs this address is you do a good web Trojan address, whether it is shark Trojan?, or EXE2BMP Trojan, or what CHM Trojan . Defense method is more simple, Hey Hey, do not look at the movie and you'll be fine. You don't have to Realpalyer see it, change the other player.

Remove realoneplay,in the pages of this pop-up page is started by a pressed film of people pressure inside the advertising page. By Helix Producer Plus V9. 0 1 rmevents. exe edit out.

Method one: in your installation directory C:\Program Files\Real\Helix Producer Plus\RealMediaEditor default is this directory, 里有一个rmevents.exe in the command prompt cmd. exe into this directory, 运行rmevents.exe then build a content for the empty events.txt file rmevents-i input. rm-e events.txt -o output. the rm input. rm is advertising the original rmvb videos. output. rm for conversion after the new movie name. Can be customized. This is equivalent to overwrite the original Event set, the RMVB is also effective.

Method two: directly run C:\Program Files\Real\Helix Producer Plus\RealMediaEditor directory rmedtgui. exe effects to keep up with the surface of the command prompt line is the same. Run rmedtgui. exe after open advertising of rmvb videos, select the Menu tools --for merge events, 打开新建立的空白events.txt then in file choose save as to save the modified file. Helix Producer Plus V9. 0 1 In free download download offer to teach you in RM insert the URL of the production start to first prepare a normal RM File Download a Helix Producer Plus installation.

In a text command file, text command the following examples: 0 0:20.0(Hours, Minutes, Seconds Milli)-01:10.0 allows the viewer to automatically pop up http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs the home at 0 3:10.0(Hours, Minutes, Seconds Milli)-03:59.0 allow the viewer to automatically pop up http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs page 1, edit the event file to create a new Notepad file, 命名为event.txt you can feel free to enter the following: u 0 0:20.0 0 1:10.0 http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs u 0 3:10.0 0 3:59.0 http://yjs.bit.edu.cn/bbs save and exit explanation: u indicates the URL of the event, 0 0:20.0 is from the start time 0 1:10.0 was the end of the time, followed by the specified page. The next step into Helix Producer Plus installation directory of the RealMediaEditor subdirectory, double-click the run rmedtgui. exe file, from the file menu Open open a Rm file, from the menu bar tools select Merge Events joint events, in the pop-up dialog box, select the just edited the event. txt file, after determining Rmedtgui beginning of the merger event, to merge the end of the post, please will contains the event files of RM files separately to save. The entire process should be in 1 5 minutes or less to complete, is still quite fast.

It's so easy