A small prank:clever uninstall public PC screensavers-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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The school computer laboratory is a plurality of classes of common, one class of students in class when specifying a screen saver and set a password, the next class of students in the class, if at the specified time, the minimum time is 1 minute without using a computer, i.e. run the screen saver. Due to this students don't know the password, so I had to press the Reset button to restart the computer. In this case the computer's hard disk is rotated at high speed, press the Reset key to restart the computer when scratched there are a large number of data of the hard disk. Long this a go, it will make the hard drive died, not only lose a large number of teaching data, but will also increase the school's financial burden. Therefore, in the school multi-class and with the computer laboratory, uninstall computer screen saver has become the most teachers of the urgent requirements. Below, the author put himself off the computer screen saver of practice to write down with colleagues to share.

One, Windows 9 8(Me)in the setup method

1. Open the“Run”dialog box, enter the Regedit command, open the Registry Editor.

2. Enter HKEY_CURREN_USER\Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\Polices\System primary key. If the System master key does not exist, create it manually.

3. New DOWRD key value NoDispScrsavPage it. A value of 1 indicates to hide the“Display Properties”“screen saver”option, a value of 0 indicates normal display screen saver.

Second, Windows XP(2 0 0 0)in the setup method

1. Open the“Run”dialog box, enter Gpedit. msc command to Open Group Policy Editor window.

2. In the Group Policy Editor window, click Open the“local computer policy→User Configuration→Administrative Templates→control panel→display branch”, and then in the right side of the window double-click“Hide screen saver”tab, open the“Hide screen saver”tab of the properties, in the Properties dialog box, select“Enabled”, click“OK”button.