Hack Tool the four basic factions-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Speaking of these days of hackers, in fact, only less than 1‰is the real hacking-or find system, software, network vulnerabilities and the corresponding patches in order to remind the relevant personnel to repair(this is actually a“honker”), or the use of these online vulnerability to stolen accounts, theft and other illegal purposes( this is the“hack”);the remaining 9 9 9‰are those with several ready-made fool hack gadget do try to periodically spy on or destroy the“quasi”hack. But no matter what kind of hacker are using some hack tool software. Throughout the mess of the hack tool is not difficult to find these black weapons are divided into four factions.

The first faction:the remote control system.

It emerges from four thousand years ago the city of Troy in the Trojan, is now particularly active to those of Backdoor Trojan program. Consists of two parts:1. The controlled end, also known as the service end, which is implanted to control the PC, for recording user-related information(particularly passwords, account numbers and the like of the particular information), which is equivalent to the human Ann to the back door;2. The control terminal, also known as the client(never and former mixed up!), the Is the hack used to manipulate one end, used to publish the hacker's control commands, such as screen shots, record the user keyboard operation, transfer transfer files or even format your hard disk.

The remote control system of Kung Fu is very powerful, once you caught no secret, you all of the behind-the-scenes of those(there may be many)the hacker is completely transparent, he can arbitrarily manipulate your PC on a file, restart, shutdown...... In a word, in this case your PC is his. More famous gray pigeons, glacier, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies girls, BO and Trojan BEAST, etc., they are Black Steel in the type of the most complete, the largest number, the most destructive faction.

The second faction:vulnerability Scanning System

This faction is mainly to deal withthe operating system, needless to say, the Windows naturally salty a punchbag of. Over the years, Microsoft continues to mend Windows is because there are too many vulnerabilities being scanned out, like Unicode vulnerabilities, CGI vulnerabilities, WebDAV overflow vulnerabilities, idq-ida overflow vulnerability. One of the most common is port scanning, it can according to theoperating systemto open the respective Ports of the Feedback information to be detected, so for the next attack to find out the best point. Like X-Scan, streamer, proxy hunter, the Su snow, Super-Scan, the pursuit of the flow is the Faction leader, the faction is a hackers commit crimes of the pedal point.

Third faction:the information bomb Department

Initially just used to bombing mailboxes, is to put a large amount of spam constantly plug into the same mailbox, until eventually explode it. Later development to the QQ Bomb(taking you from QQ to kick down), and blue-screen attack(so that your PC appears blue screen and had to restart), etc., there is evil attack the server so that the server overwhelmed and lead to line congestion until the crash. This for hack revenge, spite of the usual moves(such as a few years ago of the Sino-us hacker wars it belongs to this type), belonging to a“face to face”attacks. This faction is represented by KaBoom!, a QQ when he refers, ICQ Revenge, the WinNuke V95.

The first four factions:brute force system

This faction also known as the Cracker family, is designed specifically to deal with a variety of commercial software or shareware. Because in addition to free software, almost all software requires the user to input registration information(e.g. user name, machine code or registration code), of course these all have to spend money to buy, otherwise you will affected by the function or date restrictions. Hackers only need to set the last of the dictionary file, to which the username and password one by one to remove the trial until the case on the right so far. As long as they put the dictionary files are set properly, to crack such software is just a matter of time, this method is exhaustive crack, also known as brute force. There is a direct recording tone into the memory of the registration code of the plaintext or ciphertext message, after extraction, comparison, analysis(here you want to use some of the more complex Assembly language knowledge), and finally calculating the available registration code. Either way, the hacker will eventually give a successful hack of the software plus a so-called register machines or“beat the dog stick”program, in order to achieve the legitimate user with the same permissions. Like network Assassin 2, a Language2000 and WinHex, etc. belong to this category. In addition, there is a specialized probe asterisk password tool generally used to crack the shared password or the screensaver password, QQ passwords, etc. Because the password used for asterisk to conceal, and they will be able to put these asterisks is reduced to the plaintext display, such as stars The Secret word, the SnadBoy's Revelation and the PQwak.