Hey Hey:a few dangerous files-the vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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We know. bat is a DOS Batch command file, we can use Notepad to edit and add some commands to run after the system will automatically one by one to execute the command. So some dangerous commands will be some people with ulterior motives written into the batch file to go, online spread sabotage, for example, in the hello. bat wrote: deltree-y c:\. Then thing is that you quickly get the towel to wipe tears. In this sense it is more than the virus to be far worse. In addition, the registry file the reg can also be written into the similar code, for example, we edit a hello. reg: the REGEDIT4 HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\ 20D04FE0-3AEA-1 0 6 9-A2D8-08002B30309D\sell\open\command @="rcommand / c deltree" Double click to execute it the guide man registry, and I cowardly didn't dare to try, which guts large, please give it a try, please tell me the answer,^_^(Note:Do not try, very dangerous). Similarly, in the hlp(help file), pif(point to DOS shortcuts), the. lnk(Windows shortcut)of these files can also be written to a dangerous command, if not carefully executed then it is dangerous. Against the above call DOS command to destroy the file, the passive approach is through the format, deltree this command to change a last name. HTML web page files for you to then become familiar with however, HTML itself is not harmful, but HTML has—a call to the external script object to run the function, you can call to be able to read and write other files to the external object, so it is ill-intentioned use, the with a malicious script embedded in HTML, when you open the containing such scripts and ActiveX controls from web pages, HTML application files in the executable program will run automatically, the next is...... So sometimes when IE prompts“the page on some of the software may be unsafe, it is recommended not to run”, the best do not point to“OK”. But like the VBS, the. JS this script file virus more poisonous, more ruthless, because they are in the destruction process almost silent, running them without any prompting. Last year the scenery of the moment“the love bug”belongs to such virus, of the recent famous“HAPPYTIME”even as long as the mouse is moved to it's mail name, IE the preview function you can activate this virus, the good at stake! Like this file there is the WSC, the. wsf, the vbe, the jse, they have one thing in common is the use of Wscript. exe to perform, that is a Windows“batch”--Windows scripting host. Protection against this type of virus is the Windows scripting host uninstalled, the specific method is: my computer Control Panel→Add / Remove Programs→install Windows→accessories→detailed information→Windows scripting host→OK. In fact, there are a method more simple, sequentially type the following two commands: regsvr32 and / u wshom. ocx enter, regsvr32 / the uwshext. dll is a carriage return, you can put the registry. the wsh object of the register value is deleted. So those who must rely on the object to run the virus because it could not find the object and can not run forever. In addition, these viruses are using Outlook to spread, they tend automatically to address book EMAIL address to send to yourself as attachments. So we can also put the Outlook provided to the external script calls the interface object ban, the specific approach is: regsvr32 and / u msoe. dll. If you want to restore to use, as long as in the above command to remove the / u and then run once. In this case, it is recommended that you browse some unfamiliar Web sites when the best the IE security level set to high, the ActiveX controls and plug-ins turned off, the Active scripting is masked. The method is: run IE→Tools→Internet Options→Security→Custom Level for all ActiveX related options are selected, the“Disable”for all JS script also select the“Disable”option. For unknown messages, especially those containing attachments do not easily open, more do not perform the attachments inside file. Install network _blank">firewall is also very necessary(especially dial-up Internet users), at least you can in your computer and the network between the building line of Defense _blank">the firewall software is recommended that you use a homemade“Skynet personal _blank">firewall”, free, system resources is not much. Again, usually have to open the antivirus software and real-time monitoring to prevent virus infection and destruction, for the regular download software download mad, every time the download finished be sure to use several antivirus software and turns the search over again, to ensure the non-toxic case, then the Trojan check anti-virus such as TheCleaner, Trojan Killer, etc. check on it again, and then party executable. Finally, it is to timely update the software's virus database, otherwise, the new viruses, new Trojans Defense is almost equal to zero.