Without a password to view the martial arts world list statistics user information-bug warning-the black bar safety net

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With the 50bang this statistic for some time, the user information can be set freely statistical information is disclosed. But often go to the statistics of the station to see the statistical charts of people who might know a little, just click on the list of those sites, the more information it can view to change the site of some of the information as of yesterday, the IP of PV

50bang rank and website registration information and the alexa ranking information and the like. For example:/Article/UploadPic/2005-12/2005122610251390.gif As shown in Figure(note: to display properly in the address input when the Http. H to lowercase http ! 小 新技术 网 www.xker.com

But if not in the list displayed on the site, I want to see statistics? Oh, very simple, put the above xker. com, id=1 2 0 5 1 6 replaced with the To check the user ID,//www.xker.com名称和地址也换成那个站的就OK了 or simply just enter Http://w. 50bang. com/desc_pop. htm? id=1 2 0 5 1 6 Note: the ID number you want to change also can check the previous day's statistical information, well, complete. Time to small Technology Network www. xker. com AC.